Hi everybody ! Today, i decided to talk about Insurgent (wich is the sequel of Divergent). First, i know that you will probably hate me, but Divergent bored me a lot, i fell asleep in front of this film.. I think this is because of the same long action. BUT one day my friends propose me to go to cinema for watching the second part, i couldn’t say no. So, I went. And here.. I just loved Insurgent ! I found every characters more and more interesting than we understand the clue of the movie. Shailene Woodley’s playing is just wonderful, i lived her emotions, her fear, sadness.. With her.

I was so surprised by this ! Actions and events of this movie are really really fascinating, i didn’t expect that, for being honest with you. So, please, don’t hit me.

I think you should watch Insurgent, even if you didn’t like Divergent. I did the experience, Insurgent is really really nice !

The Woman in Black.

Hi everyone ! Today, i would like speak about the last movie i saw in cinema : The Woman In Black : Angel Of Death.
This is the second part of The Woman In Black with the famous Harry Potter’s actor : Daniel Radcliffe. (He is a very interessant character in this first film).
The Woman In Black 2 is a supernatural thriller and drama directed by Tom Harper.
The story takes place in the same place than the first movie : in a big mansion in a desert place, surrounded by marshes in the north west of England. This is during the second world war, few orphans are send with two women for leave this environment of chaos and take some rest and education. But, of course, they don’t expect that this cold and (really really) scary mansion is inhabited by an other person. And this isn’t nobody : the woman in black. She is a kind of terrifying dark ghost without clear face. In the first film, we understand finally that she steals children from people who see her and so kill them in terrible conditions. This is very horrible, they are burn or hanged or strangled, things like that. She does this because of her difficult past, someone take her child off her and she assists at his horrible death (he drowned) by a window of the mansion, without can doing anything, then she hanged her and since this moment she’s back for doing the same horror to other people for they lived what she lived with the same fright.
So, personally, i really like watching horror movies (but never alone, of course). And i really enjoyed the first one, and the second is really interessant too, but more scarying than the first ! And this horror movie is really interessant too, thanks to the suspension and the story that we understand not easyly and not quickly. People must use their brain, and this is very cool than an other horror movie with just scream and blood.
Finally, i advised you a lot to watching this movie, but, i warn you.. Even if i watched a lot of horror movies, this one scared me a lot. (I hate you screamers).
And if you saw it, did you enjoy it ? Or are you too funky to do this ?

The Silence Of The Lambs

Hi everybody !
Today i ‘m gonna talk about « The Silence Of The Lambs ». I saw this beautiful movie during last holiday with one of my friend.

First, i was a little bit scared by watching this film, because a lot of my friends or family told me it is very horrible and interesting. I didn’t know how i will appreciate this Jonathan Demme’s movie. But finally, we watched the  movie. Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter is so much fascinating and worrying ! We were totally absorbed by the movie. I give you my summary :

Clarice Starling is a FBI agent. She must stop Buffalo Bill who is a terrible women murderer. But she can’t do this without the help of Hannibal Lecter, a former psychiatrist (and cannibalistic psychopath..) who is closed in jail since 8 years for understanding the final purpose of Buffalo Bill. Then a strange relationship will born between Clarice and Hannibal..

So this movie is really, really interesting
The tension, disgust, fascination is ubiquitous. This movie is really nice, i recommend you to watch it if you haven’t yet ! (But not for sensitive soul i’m sorry !)

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part.1

Last week end, i went to see The Hunger Games with my friends.

I read the book before watching the movie, and as expected, i was disappointed. This first part really deficiency of action.. I was prepared to that, thanks to the book. But the different awesome set and mainly main character’s play save this first part. Jennifer Lawrence is, again, very cogent in her character. She is a very good actress for me, even if the event during this movie bored me a little bit, i was very fascinated by her, and only her..

Netherless, i advice you to watch this part even f i didn’t very like it. It permit to understand and prepare spectators for the following, wich promise to be so much captivating and interessant !

The Maze Runner

Hi everybody, i will talk about The Maze Runner today.

First, i saw the movie twice in cinema, and then it becomes directly one of my favorite. Then, i started to read the book… And i think i fell in love with the story’s book as much as the story’s movie. But as you can think, yes, this is not the same story. Netherless the character and the set is similar, this is just the event and some actions wich are not alike.

So, i decided to explain a little bit the story of the movie because the movie is a little bit more famous than the story’s book thanks just to the trailer by exemple.

Thomas, a teenager as us, finds himself in a unknown place, wich is surrounded by a giant maze. He is only surrounded by boys, wich have approximately his age too. He did not remember anything, just except his name. He will discover thereafter the goal of all these boys and will help them, even if the danger, unknown and unexpeted, is really present, all day, all night. Even among his friends, even himself..

As i said at the beginning, this story is one of my favorite, because the story is just amazing and original. The actions and the actor’s play are just perfectly executed. I specially recommend this movie. And if you want, you really can read the story and see the movie : this isn’t the same story but twice deserve to be notice.

And you ? What do you think about it ? Who is your favorite character ? (Mine is Minho, he is SO cool aha)

This is Halloween !

Hey ! Tonight it’s Halloween !

What are you going to do tonight ? Get out ? Personally, i don’t like very much celebrate this event, so i will stay with my family in front of a very good and known movie.. The Nightmare Before Christmas ! This very good movie is realised by the amazing Tim Burton ( Frankenweenie or Beetlejuice are very good for a Halloween evening too, but The Nightmare Before Christmas is the best EVER, i swear).

The story takes place in the town of Hallowen, Jack Skellington, the main character of this film, (he is a skeleton, what discovery !) Jack is bored by the same events each year, Halloween. He decided to be alone for thinking about his condition and he discovered, by accident, a new beautiful world : Christmas Town ! After that, a few events will arrive and Jack will change number of rules… Not always pleasant for everybody…

This movie is one of my favorite, this world is very interessant and amazing ! (as all the different world of Tim Burton, i’m ok) And i prefer the english version for the songs that i know by heart. Finally, i give you an internet link of my favorite… Happy Halloween everyone !
Enjoy ! ->

Les Miserables, by Tom Hooper.

I’ll talk about the film « Les Miserables » , adapted by Tom Hooper ( The King’s Speech ) in 2012. This is a musical film. The main actors are Hugh Jackman ( Jean Valjean ) , Russell Crowe ( Javert ), Anne Hathaway ( Fantine ) , Amanda Seyfried ( Cosette ) and Eddie Redmayne ( Marius ) .

This is the story of Jean Valjean , imprisoned 19 years for stealing a bread only .. This man is still honest and has an incredible strength . Once released ( conditional liberty ) , he became mayor and meets Fantine , a woman who has a lot of debt for the family who takes care of her daughter, Cosette. Fantine is really poor, and must sale her hair or her teeth for having money.. At her death, took pity , Valjean promises to find her daughter and take care of her as a father. But Javert , the relentless policeman, continues to search him unabated. Then follow a story wich is totally epic and dramatic , get ready to cry !

Personally. loved this movie, the characters are all so lovable , even Javert ..! We see everything from horror, love, despair , pity , mutual aid .. This film is beautiful, I highly recommend to all . In addition, the music , the songs are very, very beautiful and full of meaning. I found myself holding my breath or cry at some moments of the movie .. Especially at the end. So don’t hesitat , if you have a little time to loose ( 2h30. . !) Watch this movie, you will not be disappointed, i swear !

Alice In Wonderland : a beautiful and magic world

I will talk about Alice In Wonderland.
First, i like very much fantasy world. You know, supernatural powers, strange animals or land, mad story or impossible time for exemple. Second, i love Tim Burton’s movies. So, i just can love this movie a lot.

Tim Burton can transport all kind of people, all age with his beautiful work. We can quote Bittlejuice, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Frankenweenie, The Nightmare Before Christmas (my favorite) and Dark Shadows.
But for me, Alice In Wonderland is one of his best work. Yes, of course, the actors are just amazing, the basic history wonderful and the settings wondrous.. But this is the music that i love the most ! We can close our eyes, and only with the music, we are in Wonderland, with Alice, and we live what she lives and mainly how she lives the events.
Music made by Danny Elfman are just.. Wonderful.
This one is my favorite :


Recently, we watched Frankenstein.
Unlike the others, I liked this movie. I think the players play very well. But, yes, some scenes are sometimes long, very long. But the film remains interesting to see and the action scenes are impressive. I like very much this type of story : strange and supernatural. I recommend this movie wich is different and creepy.