The beach

The beach is a movie directed by Danny Boyle and released in 2000.

Richard is a young man who dreams of adventures, so one day he decides to go Asia.In  Bangkok he meets a couple of french, Etienne and Françoise. One night at his hotel a fishy man talks to him about a secret and paradisiac island. The next day Richard discovers the dead man into his room and a card. Attract by adventure he decides to search for this mysterious island with his new friends.

This movie deals with the them of utopia, and shows that’s a perfect society without pain is impossible.


Millenium is a « swedo-danish » thriller movie directed by Niels Arden Oplev and released in 2009. That’s an adaptation from the Millenium trilogy of Stieg Larsson.

Mikael Blomkvist is the redactor of Millenium an investigation and social paper news. One day a man contact him about an inquire given up 40 years ago. With Lisbeth Salander a young rebel orphan woman but clever and brilliant, he tries to figure out the inquire and stop the murderer.

That’s a very good thriller full of suspense with originals characters.

28 Days Later

It’s a horror and science fiction movie directed by Danny Boyle in 2002.

One day Jim wake up in a hospital of London. All the city seems to be abandonned. In fact London has been evacuated because a dangerous virus which transforms people in a kind of enraged zombie, spread everywhere in the city. The virus is the result of a bad genetic manipulation of scientists.

During all the film we travel around London with a group of survivors whose trying to escape from contamined peoples.

This movie is not on only about zombies because we share the fear of characters. And even if it’s an horror and science fiction movie, we can think that’s 28 days later is realistic in numerous points.

« The bicentennial man. »

« The bicentennial man » is a movie adapted from the novel of Isaac Asimov. Richard Martin decides oneday to buy a robot for his family. Andrew, the robot is a NDR prototype, he is destined to doing house work and check children.Quiclky Richard guess that Andrew is not a protype like the others. Andrew develops his own mind and he is able to feels. In fact Andrew behaves like a human and one das he decides to  ask to his family to become free. Richard is suprise and a little bit sad but he accepts. After the death of Richard, Andrew falls in love with Portia the grand daugther of Amanda (one the daughter of Richard). Portia can’t love him because he’s still a robot even if he lives like a human. To make Portia loves him Andrew tries to become completly human,thanks to a brilliant scientist nammed Dennis Mansky. At the end, Adrew make his dream comes true but Portia is going to die so he decides to die with her. It’s a moving movie.