Little miss sunchine by Jonathan Dayton and Velrie Faris (2006)

Little Miss Sunshine is an American film directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris in 2006.

This film talks about characters with surprising sensitivity. It focuses on Richard Hoover overworked speaker, Sheryl a touching mother, as well as specialist Franck Proust who attempted suicide after his lover broke up with him and brother of Sheryl. There is also a very strange character described in this film it is Dwayne also fan of Nietzsche, he does a vow of silence for nine months to realize his dream of joining the United States Air Force Academy to become a test pilot and he communicates with a notepad.
Sheryl‘s father is he a rude person, a veteran of World War II, expelled from a nursing home where he was staying for use and sale of heroin. He lives with the family.
And finally, this film particularly tells the story of Olive seven years, wanting to miss a contest.
The characters find a nice balance between laughter and emotion.
Thus, this film is a comical escape, an impromptu group therapy, wild and traveling.
This is why I recommend it. It allows you to relax and it is a very good comedy!

Imitation game by Morten Tyldum

Last week at the cinema I had the chance to see «  Imitation Game ».
The film takes place during the Second World War.
Alan Turing, mathematician is charged by the British government to discover the secret of the Enigma encryption machine, known like inviolable.  He is at the head of  researchers and linguists. Turing works on the complexity of the machine. He will have decrypt to be able actually decrypt German messages. This machine can lead to the victory of the war.
The film then tells the impressive life of a man who is willing to do anything to change the course of the Second World War and History.
It is also the portrait of a man who found himself condemned by the society of the time because of his homosexuality.
Today the society has changed (and thankfully) but it is a very touching movie, and we go not unscathed.

I found it really touching and really gripping. I was sad when I finished it. We don’t expect the end of the film. It makes feel like living. It is a good lesson of life.

The film was nominated for best film, best actor (Benedict Cumberbatch), best actress in a Supporting Role (Keira Knightley) and  best director for Oscar’s prise.

Thus, the film works well due to the genius of Benedict Cumberbatch and the way he has inhabited Alan Turing’s persona. This is why I advise you, it is currently at the cinema :

Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen

I had the opportunity  to read this book last year and I really liked it. This is a novel by the great English writer of the nineteenth century : Jane Austen. « Pride and prejudice » is a novel published in 1813.  It is a psychological novel and a romance novel. It is presented in three parts.

 Mr. and Mrs. Bennett had five daughters to be married. So, they hope that one of them will please Mr Bingley, their rich new neighbor. Unfortunately the haughty Mr Darcy, the friend of Bingley, influential friend of Bingley, he takes a very dim view of his friend fall in love with Jane Bennett.
Elizabeth Bennet is closely following the evolution of the feelings of his favorite sister. Then came the Wickham officer, a seductive military man who does not leave indifferent Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is then the heroine of this novel. Everything gonna turn around her. It is clear that there is in fact a hero who is the heroine : Elizabeth.  And that through her, in her and it all with her that the story happens.
Here’s the first sentence of the book Pride and Prejudice to make you want to read : « It is a truth universally acknowledged that a unmarried provided with a large fortune must want to get married, and so little that we know of his feelings in this regard when he comes to a new residence, the idea is so well fixed in the minds of his neighbors that they see on the field as the rightful property of one or other of their daughters.« 
Jane Austen behind the romantic adventures of the five Bennet girls so behind the romantic side of this novel, faithfully Jane Austen depicts the rigidities of English society at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Through the behavior and thoughts of Elizabeth Bennet, the main character, she raises the problems women at this time.   

Then, in 2013, Le Nouvel Observateur, in a special issue devoted to the literature of the nineteenth and twentieth century, quotes this novel  among the sixteen titles selected for the nineteenth centuryconsidering it as « possibly the first masterpiece of the feminine literature. « 

« Pride and Prejudice » is the source of the greatest number of adaptations. One that I liked is a film by Jeffrey Wright with  Keira Knightley, Brenda Blethyn, Donald Sutherland, Judi Dench. It’s a verry good adaptation. It is a dramatic comedy. I recommend it is a beautiful love story. And plans by Jeffrey Wright are beautiful (the landscape, the universe…) Keira Knightley plays very well. She is a great actress.

I advise you to watch the trailer then watch this film and especially I suggest you read the book  :









The piano by Jane Campion in 1993

It is after watching ,during his discour,the homage by  Xavier Dolan  (made at Cannes 2014 where that he received  the Jury Prize for Mommy) to Jane Campion for his film The Piano that I wanted to see this film : the film that had so marked Xavier Dolan. Therefore  I’ve seen this film and I have not been disappointed.

 « The Piano » is a film directed by Jeanne Campion, in 1993 with Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Anna Paquin and Sam Neill.
The story of this film takes place in the 19th century. It tells the story of  Ada, a mute pianist, leaving Scotland with her daughter Flora to New Zealand. She must marry a man she has never seen, Alistair Stewart. Despite difficulties , the young woman did want to part with his piano. But on the beach where she comes, Stewart refuses to transport the piano. Ada, sad, is forced to give up what  the piano. Stewart ended up selling the piano to Baines, nearly opposite and illeterate.
Baines then done at ??Ada a proposal that the young woman accepted yet. In exchange for freedoms, she will regain her piano.
Jane Campion with this film is one of the most beautiful filmmakers.
There are some magnificent plans in this film and the soundtrack is beautiful. Jane Campion wanted to tell the story of a original sensual awakening between Baines and Ada.
Palme d’Or at Cannes « The piano » is romantic and original.

The Great Gatsby by Jack Clayton in 1974

After having study in class an excerpt from « The Great Gatsby » by F.Scott Fitzgerald, I wan’t to talk about the wonderful adaptation of Jack Clayton in 1974.
Thus  F Scott Fitzgerald’s  novel  therefore also this film adaptation tells the story of the mysterious Jay Gatsby who stages  the scene of Long Island  with his parties and enigmatic persona. The novel present also emblematic of the Jazz Age of the 1920s; a portrait of decadent fun and impossible dreams. Indeed, the film realised by  Jay Clayton shows this atmosphere very well.
 The cast of this adaptation is so very well done. The Great Gatsby role is played by Robert Redford which is wonderful .Robert Redford plays really well. He is at the height of the character of Gatsby we imagine in the book with a lot of charisma.
And in the role of Daisy Buchanan (the eternal love of Gatsby) is Mia Farrow which she is verry beautiful. She pierces the screen.  In the role of the neighbor, Nick Carraway is Sam Waterson.

 I advise you to see this adaptation (I find the film of Jay Clayton is  better than the one that was made in 2013, it is more authentic, and it  transcribed the atmosphere of the Jazz Age of the 1920s. And I think the actors are wonderful.)
I leave you to get an idea a trailer that I found :

On the road by Jack Kerouac


I read « On the Road » by Jack Kerouac this summer. I really liked this book. It is the most famous novel by this author, writes in 1957.

The novel tells the adventures of the author (Sal Paradise) and a traveling companion Neal Cassady (Dean Moriarty in the novel). « On the Road » was one of what Kerouac named the « Beat Generation » novels. Thus, this book tells the story of  Jack Kerouac who travels the U.S in search of a new lifestyle. This is a road trip to denounce his society.  So, I think this book is not a simple story, it is a state of mind of this generation.  He wan’t to meet the world, others and himself by this road trip.

And, personally, what I particularly liked in this book is that Kerouac tell us live to 100% and discover new sensations . The friendship, the meetings and the travels are  the themes of Kerouac in this novel . Contrary to appearances of some people, (for example it is the opinion of my aunt) does not glorify drugs.

I also saw the film On the Road by Walter Salles but it is much less well than the book. The director does not tell all book and it is unfortunate. In any case I think we should read the book because it is the best road trip in writing!

« Four Weddings and a Funeral » by Mike Newell in 1994

After started studying the poem « Funeral Blues » by WH Auden, I would like to talk about « Four Weddings and a Funeral » where the poem is recited by one of the characters in the film at his lover’s funeral.
This film is a massively successful British romantic comedy. It staged the misadventures of a group of friends seen through the eyes of Hugh Grant, who is obsessed by Carrie (Andie MacDowell). So this film is between weddings and funerals. This is for me the romantic comedy bringing all those that followed.. There are very good actors, humor and tenderness. To see!

To see the trailer :

God hates me by Hollis Seamon

There are books that one hesitates to open. Because they make a little scared. The subject of this book is too serious. The American Hollis Seamon had to find the right tone : funny, vivid, terribly human.
The book tells the story of a teenager who has 17 years old. He is daredevil. And he lives in a palliative care service. Richard will soon die, it is an incurable disease and it is not a secret. Neither his mother nor his nurse, or especially for himself. That’s why he needs to enjoy life despite the pain. His luck is to be loved by his family. But he also likes his neighbor of room, they will love in spite of the disease, despite the adults who do not understand. Richard will have to fight.
They have a lot of courage, and these characters remind me Romeo and Juliet
This novel offers us a life lesson and a beautiful real lesson in optimism too.

Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola

I would like to talk about a film that marked me : This film is Virgin Suicides directed by Sofia Coppola in 1999.

This story takes place in a quiet American city of seventy years. Cecilia Lisbon, thirteen tries to commit suicide. She has four sisters, pretty teenage girls. This incident lights some new day the lifestyle of the whole family. The story is told by the intermediate vision of neighborhood boys obsessed by the mysterious sisters, portrayed with cynicism teenage life. Gradually, the family confines itself to itself. And , quickly, the girls are forbidden to leave from their home. But, the boys want to wear secour at these mysterious girls.

Virgin Suicides is for me a film that you feel more than we understand. Because these girls are so mysterious and this film affects us in what is more tragic, more pathetic but also more tender. Morroever, Sofia Coppola films very well the pain of living which has no explication.
The original soundtrack (made by Air) goes very well with the film.
For me, it is a masterpiece.
I know it’s not an easy film but you should watch it, it is a very good film.

Into the wild by Sean Penn (2007)

I would like to present a film that I really liked : Into the wild. This film is from a writter-director Sean Penn. The story was based on the best seller by Jon Krakawer. And this film was inspired by the true story.

Just graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, the main character Christopher Mc Candless played by Emil Hisch, 22 years old, was promised a bright future. However, turning his back on the confortable existence without surprise that awaits him, the young man decides to take the road by leaving everything behind him. He breaks away from his student's life. He sends the money he has saved to a charity organisation. He want's to start a new life.
Thus, he leaves. He passes through the tumultuous waters of the Dakota, to Colorado through the hippies of California communities. Chritopher will then meen extraordinnary people. Finally, at the end of his trip, Christopher achieves his ultimate goal by venturing alone in the wild expanse of Alaska to live in total harmony with nature in loneliness.

This film is deeply,moving and captiving film. and Into the wild is not just an entertainment, it allows everyone to think to question his own destiny. The director takes us on board a high adventure profoundly original. Then, it's a road movie which can hesitates between On the road by Kerouac and Jeremiah Johnson with Robert Redford.

A verry good adaptation of Alice in wonderland by Tim Burton.


I saw Alice in wonderland last year and I do not regret. I wanted to present this film in relation to the first adaptation we saw in class. It is an American film directed by Tim Burton in 2010 with the famous actors like Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway. He realised a very nice adaptation of the work of Lewis Carroll. Tim Burton has used animations shots and at the same time the real shots. Thus, the effects are so realistic, and we truly believe to be in the Alice wonderland’s. Thus, the atmosphere is magical and the  » costumes » and makeup are also verry verry well done. Not to mention the actors who played verry well. It is for all these reasons that I advise you to see this film.

« The Fault in our stars » by James Green

I would like to present you a book I really liked.
This is one of James Green works ( a contemporary English author). He then wrote « the fault in our stars ». This novel is about two adolescents suffering from cancer.
A young girl, Hazel Lancaster (she is the narrator),is 16 years old. She survives with an experimental treatment.
His parents forced her to walk out with a support group. During the sittings, she meets Augustus Waters who is a year older than her. Thus, they gradually fall in love. This young boy suffers from osteosarcoma. They often see each other and they realize they have a lot in common. They are passionate by a novel by Peter Van Houten. This novel is also about a young girl who suffering from cancer and ends suddenly in the middle of a sentence. Curious fate of the characters, Hazel and Augustus are planning to go to Amsterdam to meet the autor. They make this trip with a foundation to help sik childrens.

This is a novel about life and death and people who are stuck in between. When we see the book subject we fear that feel sadness and we are worried to end the book totally depressed, but on the contrary this novel makes us love life more than ever. That’s why I recommend it.