Galveston by Nic Pizzolatto

As we are studying the notion of Travelling, Initiatory Journey and Exile in class, I decided to talk about a book I read recently.

It’s a book entitled Galveston, written by Nic Pizzolatto (famous writer and scriptwriter, in particular for the serie True Detective). The book deals with a man, called Roy Cady, a texan « gangster » who kills people on the request of his boss. One day he felt in a trap with a fellow and he succeed to stay alive. Unfortunately a girl was on the crime scene, so he has to keep her with him and they decided to go away from the town and hit the road until Galveston, Roy’s hometown. On the road, the girl, called Rocky wants to take with them her little sister, Tiffany. They finally arrive at Galveston, but the story isn’t ended.

Galveston de Nic Pizzolatto

It’s an interested book because the story is told by a past point of view and also by a present one. In that way it emphasizes the suspence of the plot and it gives a deep dimension to the story. During this road-trip we discover Lousiana and Texas, two wonderful states, amazing landscapes and interesting way of life, so different from ours.

I advise you to read it because the writing style is almost easy and descriptions of landscapes make me dream a lots.

Good reading !

PS: The serie is also amazing and I really advise you to watch it right now, it permits to stpe back about our society and our way of life. The actors are just perfect and the plot is so suspenceful ! 😀 Enjoy