Writing your Reading Journal

Follow the steps…

1. BUY A JOURNAL (you can of course customize it, but it should really be hardback to last you over the two years)
2. Each entry will have a date, a mention of the time you spent reading that day and the number of pages you read.
3. Note the new elements about the key events, the characters, the changes of time and space.
4. Which characters are mentioned, how do they help the action move forward? What is their role in the narration?
5. Note if the chapter is a move forward in the plot or if it is a digression.
6. If it is a digression, how is it related to the plot? What is the role of the digression?
7. Sum up each chapter in one or two sentences.
8. You must start recording your immediate reactions to the text as you read it. Begin with the opening chapters of the book. Then check your impressions half-way through the book and then finally at the end of the book.
9. What emotions did the book involve for you? (laughter, tears, smiles incomprehension, anger, boredom, …) record some of your reactions and try to account for them.
10. Some books move you, touch you, reminding you of your own life or because they are part of the broader human experience. Are there connections between this book and your experience? Does it remind you of another similar story?
11. About the characters: List the characters as they appear in the story. Which character is more meaningful to you? Which character do you dislike? Do you think any of the characters can be related to the author’s true personality?
12. What do you learn that you didn’t know before?
13. Make some online research about how the book was/wasn’t appreciated over the years. React to what you read in your journal. Do you understand where the critics are coming from? Do you think it is justified after reading the book?
14. List your favourite quotes as you read in your journal in a different colour and try to account for why you selected it.


Note that your work will be evaluated over the two years. Your teacher will collect the journal of each pupil once per term to grade them.

You will also be evaluated over your reading, and there will be reading tests once per week.