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A detective story (2)

Posted by on 2016/02/28

museum (Small)

A murder, a museum and a little girl

Six o’ clock at the museum of London. People were starting to go out. They didn’t know what was happening at the same moment. A murder.

Seven o’clock in the same place. A body was found. Dead. A bullet in the chest. The weapon, a gun, was near late Gerry Gaulé. There wasn’t any fingerprint on it or any witness. Just 3 suspects : a young woman, Marïka Oswald, a little girl, Mira Oswald, and Jacobe Henri, a biologist.

  • Marïka is 37 years old. She’s tall and she has got long hair. She’s an architect, she’s the mother of Mira and she was the wife of the victim. They separated one week before the murder. She hated him.

  • Mira is the daughter of Gerry Gaulé, the victim. She was the only person who was here when the murder happened. But she doesn’t want to tell anything about it.

  • Jacobe Henri hates Mr Gaulé because he stole one of his inventions and sold it. That’s why the victim was so rich !

A detective was called at eight in the evening. When she questioned the suspects, she discovered many things. First, the victim was phoning Marïka when the murder happened. So, she has got an alibi. Second, she learnt the architect was still married with Gerry Gaulé when he died, and she’s a friend of Jacobe Henri. Third, the detective learnt Gerry Gaulé was the director of the museum.

Next, she showed the gun to Mira. The little girl cried. Then, the biologist said he was in the hall of the museum when the murder happened. The camera proves it. Mira was with her father when he died because she came with him to see artworks.

That’s the only information we have about the murder.

So, did you solve this crime ?

Marïka is Jacobe’s friend, Mira’s mother and the ex-lover of the victim. But she was still married with him when he died, right ? She had a perfect plan. But she was not alone. Jacobe was her accomplice. She waited till her ex-husband went to the museum with her daughter and told Jacobe to put a gun in Mira’s coat. Then, he went to the hall of the museum. When Mira and Gerry were alone, Marïka phoned Gerry, and Mira discovered the gun in her coat. She took it and thought it was a toy. Then, unfortunately, she shot her father. She had gloves, so she did not let fingerprints on it.

Why did Marïka do it ? Because, now, she’s going to get Mr Gaulé’s inheritance !

Emilie, Jules, Vladimir, Maria

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