Modern-day superheroes

Posted by on 2018/09/15

The photo we studied in class, from Dulce Pinzon’s series on modern-day superheroes.

It is a photograph taken by Dulce Pinzon.

It’s about a woman dressed as catwoman. She is holding a baby against her, and a little girl is trying to touch the baby. They are in a messy living room, there is a TV set on the left, a sofa and an armchair on the right next to an oval table. We can see a skyscraper in the background and trees, so the scene takes place in a city. Maybe it is the Empire State Building and Central Park, in which case the city is New York.

The woman must be a babysitter / nanny. Her name is Minerva Valencia. The photographer means that she is a superheroin because she works hard to send 400 dollars a week to help her family in Mexico.

Through this series of photographs, Dulce Pinzon wanted to celebrate the courage of many Mexican migrant workers who work long hours for low wages in harsh conditions and who were stigmatized after the 9-11 attacks by a part of the US population, especially New Yorkers who had been traumatised by the death of 3,000 people in the twin towers.

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