Right to abortion

In the catholic Republic of Ireland, abortion was allowed only when a woman’s life was at risk. The Irish people have been asked in a referendum if the situation was to change. They have voted overwhelmingly to overturn the abortion ban by 66.4% to 33.6%.

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Global warming

The trailer of the documentary An Inconvenient Truth and its sequel  

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Posters on the environment

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Paroles de Mark Wills : I’m a little boy with glasses The one they call the geek I’m a girl who never smiles ‘Cause I’ve got braces on my teeth And I know how it feels To cry myself to sleep I’m that kid on every playground Who’s always chosen last I’m a single teenage … Continuer la lecture »

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Le jeudi 23 juin, les Britanniques ont voté à 51.9% pour sortir de l’Union européenne (= brexit, ou British exit). Une décision historique, qui aura des conséquences sur l’avenir de l’Europe et du Royaume Uni. Pour en savoir plus, vous pouvez par exemple lire cet article

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What is a « carbon footprint » ? Here are two videos to better understand!

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What is a solar eclipse ? (to be seen on youtube)

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 Les pièces et les billets au Royaume-Uni Quelques informations sur les pièces (coins) et les billets (banknotes) Un jeu pour s’entraîner à utiliser les pièces : Même sorte de jeu, mais tu peux choisir des prix plus ou moins importants en cliquant sur les flêches rouges à gauche Sors du labyrinthe … Continuer la lecture »

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Earth Day is on April 22nd. It celebrates the birth of the ecological movement in the US in the 1970s. On that day and all year round, think of what you can do to save the planet : planting trees, using less water and energy, the 3 Rs (reuse, reduce, recycle) etc.

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The International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries all over the world on March 8th every year.’s_Day It is one occasion among many others for people to express their tender feelings towards women! It is also a day to remind us that sex equality has not been reached yet, and that many women … Continuer la lecture »

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