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Documents du bac 2020

Documents des 3 premières notions MYTHS AND HEROES BAC_5photos_clb BAC_bookreview_clb BAC_catpower_clb BAC_doc2et3 BAC_filmreview_clb BAC_historycom_clb BAC_Johnson biography_clb THE IDEA OF PROGRESS BAC_4images_clb BAC_freeganism1_clb BAC_freeganism2 BAC_images_otherwaystoconsume_clb BAC_shopaholics_clb PLACES AND FORMS OF POWER BAC_article_soweto_clb BAC_3 doc_clb BAC_TRC_clb

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Sujet du bac 2018 de Pondichéry (Inde)  

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