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The Family and the Manor

During the night, a couple was sleeping in the manor. In the morning there were candies everywhere. There were some in the kitchen, in the bathroom, everywhere in the manor. It was a beautiful dream. But one day the couple went to another house and a family replaced them in the manor. From that moment, life in the manor became a real nightmare. During the first night, the smallest child of the family died. The second day, the mother fell from the 5th floor and also died. The rest of the family abandonned the manor.

By Anais Borel 5°4

Lord Wherewolf

That day, the manor’s Lord was very worried because it was the full moon. And this lord was a werewolf ! At night, the lord and the lady went to sleep. But at full moon, the lord became a  werewolf. He was bloodthirsty. He searched for meat  everywhere in the manor but he didn’t find the kitchen. He went to sleep but he was hungry. So, he ate the lady and he sleep. The next day, the lord shameful of what he had done, killed himself. Since that day, the manor is hauted by the lord’s ghost.by Clémence Bigonnet Balet, 5°3

A figure behind the window

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack.

He loved Halloween. He said it was his favourite party but unfortunately he died , drowed in a lake on Friday, October 13th 1950.

On Friday, October 13th 1965 his parents weren’t ready to live the worst night of their life. At 10pm, they went to bed but suddenly a window broke. The father turned around and saw a figure at the window with its hand passing through it. It caught the father’s throat and strangled him. He lost his life.

A man then came by the window with a strange mask. The mother panicked and fell on the floor. She saw the man in front of her. He took a knife and stabbed the father’s body. He took off his mask and the mother recognized her son Jack.

She didn’t have time to speak, he slaughtered her!

Sad story!

by Rigaud Corentin 5°4

photo: alamystockphoto.com

Ghost Murderer

At midnight, the lord heard the gardener scream! He said to his two servants to go and see. A servant ruturned saying that there was nothing, the other said there was a ghost murderer. The Lord did not believe it until the ghost stabbed one servant, then another, and another and another util there were none left. Only the Lord survived. He fled and became a legend.

by Yvroud Marius 5°4

The big black manor

Jessica and Kate walked in the street of their city. They arrived soon in front a big black manor , abandoned. Kate asked:

– What happened here?

– You want really to know? Answered Jessica.

– Yes, sure!

– Okay so… once upon a time…no…40 years ago, a rich family came to live here, in this manor. Everything was fine, until a serie of paranormal events took place. Doors and windows opened alone; footsteps were heard at night, noises in the walls etc.… But, one day, something more dangerous came… The gardener was found killing the youngest son of the family. After that, he said it wasn’t him. He had been possessed by an evil ghost.

– But…it is fake no? Is’s not real?

– Sure, it is not real…You want to come in?

Kate hesitated

– Ho…okay…

The two girls walked carefully towards the manor but they saw a shadow at the windows.

– We’re going?

– Yes…

Finally, the girls ran away, leaving the manor behind.

By Acloque Mallaury 5°3

The lady of the haunted manor…

At midnight, I ate with the Lord a turkey in silence. I was his Lady. But I was so angry at him because he hit me. It was too expensive to divorce so I had the idea to kill him !

I put a fish in his soup, because he was allergic to it!! It was 1 o’clock. And he didn’t want to die !

I put him in a cold bath and I dropped a hairdryer in the water ! There was an elecric schock, and finally he was dead…

It was 3 o’clock, but the schock made his heart start again ! Then anger overwhelmed him !! I dragged him down to the living room ! I grabbed my knife and I assassinaned him !

It was 7 o’clock… And finally he was dead !!!


by Mille Sophie 5°1

In the middle of the forest…

Once upon a time, one night, in the middle of the forest near a manor, a horrible scream was heard.
A ranger heard it and ran to the porch, but found nothing strange. He entered to check that
everything was fine.
There was a bloodstain on the stairs. He went upstairs. Quickly, he saw a lifeless body on the ground.
The body was that of a young woman, it was petrified in wax, only her face was not covered. The
ranger looked up and saw a sound engineer with his pole, cameramen and the director who yelled at
He was on the shooting of The Conjuring.
The End.

by Vaubourg Bastien 5°3

The Lady and the Gardener

At midnight, the lady screamed when she saw a ghost. The servant entered the manor. The lady had a dress covered with blood. The burglar shot the servant with a gun. The lady held a knife and stabbed the burglar. He was the ghost !!

The lady screamed again :  » HELP ME, PLEASE !!! « . A lord saw the lady. He ran and took her knife. He took his phone and called the police. But the Lady gave him a blow behind the head. He died.

A gardener heard the screams. He entered the manor. He was wearing a cap because he was cold. The lady saw him. She went towards him and assassinated him. He screamed. The lady finally ate the gardener… The lady was a… MONSTER !!!


Maya was watching TV and eating pop-corn. The film was funny and it was the scariest film of the wold !

Manon Bois 5°3