Space Exploration Enthusiasts Say US Program Adrift

9 02 2015

 Terminale STI2D – Session 2014

CO Bac Space exploration script2 Space exploration Bac grille LV1

Space Exploration 21st century script


Space Exploration in the 21st Century

1 02 2015

Terminale STI2D, Session 2014

Space Exploration 21st century script

Space Exploration 21st century grille LV1

Snowstorm Leave Parts Of Midwest, Northeast And Canada Powerless

1 02 2015

Terminale S, session 2014

ECA CO snowstorm grille éval LV1

ECA CO snowstorm grille éval LV2

snowstorm script

Barack Obama on Immigration

1 02 2015

Given as training to Terminale S, 2013

Obama Immigration Speech grille eval LV1

Obama Immigration Speech Script

Hollywood and the film industry

1 02 2015

Terminale S, session 2013

film industry grille éval LV1

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film industry script

Science in Glasgow

22 03 2013

Today, on a chilly, snowy, windy day, we bravely took the train to Glasgow to visit the Science Center. First we visited the Main Hall where we found hands-on exhibits with all sorts of experiments illustrating physical phenomena :

  • electricity :

  •  optics :

 Next, we watched an IMAX 3D film « Sea Rex » dealing with prehistoric sea dinosaurs and the evolution of species.

Since this is our last night in Scotland, we are spending the evening at the restaurant with our Scottish partners.

Meeting the South Ayrshire Provost

21 03 2013

Today was quieter than the previous one. We only had a visit of the Town Hall where we met Mrs Helen Moonie, the South Ayrshire  Provost (quite similar to the mayor in France).

We were welcome with tea, delicious scones, jam and butter.

We visited the prison cells that are in the basement of the Town Hall. The last prisonner was jailed in 1954.

Here is the door cell where Hugo, Gabriel and Eddy were imprisonned for being late in the morning. We don’t know if the Provost remembered to set them free.

A day in school

20 03 2013

Today we spent the day at Belmont Academy with our Scottish partners. We started with a tour of the school and then we cooked Easter shortbread in the Home Economics Department.

The boys astonished us with their cooking skills and meticulousness.

But not all of them …

We then attended a dancing class with our partners, in which we learned how to dance Ceilidh, or traditional Scottish dancing. You will be able to see the videos on the 3rd of April together with those of the Football Museum.

After lunch, we enjoyed participating in the litter picking rota : every day, a group of students has to pick up the litter around the school buildings.

Then we played games in French and in English with our partners.

After school, we left with our partners and had dinner with their families. Then we came back to school for the Talent Show, a singing, dancing and music performance by Belmont Academy pupils.

An interesting third day

19 03 2013

This day began with a lot of stress : after three days trying to fight her illness, Mrs Delval couldn’t have gone any further without having seen a doctor. So Mrs Romagny left the hotel to go to Glasgow with the kids… three minuts only before the train departed. The teachers were rather surprised because the night was very quiet, but it seems it was difficult for the kids to get up.

The visit of Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery was quite uneventful. Mrs Romagny was glad to have Chris, the same guide as last year, who is really wonderful. Here are a few pictures :


Look at this tiny subway : it’s so cute that it looks like it’s been made by the Seven Dwarves ! We are proud to tell you that we managed to fit 10 Dwarves and Five Snow Whites in it. We asked Dwarf Jules if he wanted us to cut off his head so he could get in but he politely declined.

Mrs Romagny started a treasure hunt at Glasgow Central Station – the treasure being Mrs Delval, who was to meet us after her doctor’s appointment. Heykel and Brice ran all around the station to win the Prize : ice cream !

We spent the afternoon at the Hampden Footbal Museum, you will have the chance to see the videos when you come for the presentation of the trip on Wednesday 3rd April.

News of the day : Heykel almost broke Mikael’s nose with an umbrella ; it was so funny that the old and very dignified gentleman sitting next to them couldn’t stop laughing.

Quote of the day : Mikael :  » J’vous kiffe trop Madame ». What a romantic poet !

Parents homework of the day : What do you think would be the most inappropriate place for boy’s jeans to crack ?



A visit to Robert Burns country

18 03 2013

First, we went to Alloway to visit the Robert Burns museum (he is a famous Scottish poet, well he is famous in Scottland …). The teachers had underestimated the kids : they were very well behaved and looked interested.

After a quick lunch, we had a walk around the museum to visit other sights connected to Robert Burns : the cottage where he was born, a garden with a monument in his name and a path with signs telling the story of Tam O’Shanter, his most well-known poem.

Then, Reverend Mc Naught showed us round his church with its beautiful stained glass windows.


Finally, we had a little snack offered by the Ayr-St Germain en Laye Twinning Committee.

The last event of the day was dinner at the pub. We will let you guess who forgot his bagpack. The only clue we had were the numerous empty food packages at the bottom of the bag. We ‘ll give you another clue : this boy wasn’t supposed to eat for two days !