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Soutien 4ème: questions

Vendredi, novembre 1st, 2013

Voici plusieurs liens pour t’entraîner à travailler la formation des questions en anglais:

Commence par revoir les mots interrogatifs:


L’ordre des mots dans une question:





Bonfire night

Lundi, octobre 28th, 2013

Bonfire Night is a tradition in Britain. It takes place on November 5th every year. Click on the link, watch the video while doing the worksheet activities.


Another Guy Fawkes Night websearch: click on the link and find the answers to the questions:


Jeudi, septembre 19th, 2013

Le Présent simple: clique sur le lien et pratique le présent simple avec les Simpsons:

de même avec Garfield:

un autre site pour t’entraîner à manipuler les verbes des habitudes quotidiennes:

Le présent be-ing

clique sur les liens suivants pour t’entraîner:

Continue de t’entrâiner à manipuler les deux présents:

Le présent simple: pour parler de la vie quotidienne, des habitudes.

le verbe prend un -s à la troisième personne du singulier.

l’auxiliaire est DO / DOES dans les phrases négatives et interrogatives.

Le présent be-ing: je l’emploie que l’action en cours de déroulement.

j’ai besoin de l’auxiliaire BE conjugué au présent – j’ajoute ING au verbe.

Devon Webquest

Lundi, mars 11th, 2013



I. A map of Devon: have a look at the map and find some of the places we’ll be visiting in May.

II. A world-renowned harbour: visit the following websites to answer your worksheet questions:    and

III. Christie’s English riviera: go to

christie-mile-torquay-p1291663 and find the necessary info about important places in Christie’s life.


Then find out some more about Salcombe and Totnes at

IV. Legendary Dartmoor: go to anf follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes. But first have a look at the beautiful landscapes Dartmoor offers. Watch the landscape video then do the vocabulary activity.


What about the Hound of the Baskervilles legend ? go to and answer the questions about the novel.

V. Buck fast Abbey: English reformation: go to and answer the questions.

VI. Extra famous places on our way to Devon:

1. Find out about Salisbury’s cathedral and the Magna Carta on:

2. Find out about prehistoric Stonehenge at:

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Queen Victoria and the Victorians

Mercredi, octobre 10th, 2012

Queen Victoria:
Click on the link  then do the worksheet activities:

Start with the Queen Victoria worksheet. Try to give synonyms to the vocabulary words. Use an English synonym dictionary online. Use the link to the English French dictionary if you really don’t know the meaning of the words. Do the same with the Industrial Revolution vocabulary.

Go on with the Inventions and Industrial Revolution worksheet. The link to the Kent school page is broken. Use this one:


Now let’s focus on one aspect of Victorian times: child labour. Click on Watch the video and complete the summary sheet.

The Armada portrait

Samedi, septembre 29th, 2012

Click on this link:

Do the commentary part with the help of the description sheet.

an animated version of the Bayeux tapestry

Mardi, septembre 18th, 2012

Click on the following link and watch the little film then answer the questions on your worksheet.

Henry VIII

Samedi, septembre 15th, 2012

Hello again, go to

Learn about Henry VIII ‘s life. Pick the most important information and get ready to speak about him in class.



An introduction to the United Kingdom

Samedi, août 4th, 2012

Do you know basic facts about the UK, British politics and the Royal Family?

Go to

Click on the different links and complete your worksheet. Be neat and keep your worksheet in your copybook.

I might give you a follow-up test.



Discover INDIA

Dimanche, janvier 2nd, 2011

Afficher l'image d'origineWelcome to India, a rich and varied country, formerly part of the British empire and now

a booming cultural and economic power. Let’s take a tour!

I. India’s map: go to

with the help of the map complete your worksheet.

II. India’s climate and geography: open « a taste of India » powerpoint: Taste_of_India

Read about India’s weather and travelling across India. Then do the activities in your worksheet.

III. The Indian flag and a little history: go to, then colour the Indian flag and answer the questions.

A little history: go to, find the information you need in Gandhi’s timeline and do the activities on your worksheet.

IV. Indian cooking: go back to the powerpoint slideshow and read about India’s ccoking and eating ways.

Answer my questions then try to associate each of the dishes down below with the right definition in your worksheet.

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