All right welcome back everybody to my blog on absorb out 15 days bitcoin is about to go through possibly the biggest fundamental event that we have in our ecosystem today
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the Bitcoin block reward having of twenty twenty where the amount of bitcoins that are mined into existence are cut in half because as you know there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin ever ever so Bitcoin has a fixed supply and that fixed supply is deflationary meaning Bitcoin the first asset ever in human history has a predictable monetary supply so in about 15 days for the third time ever once in 2012 once in 2016 and again coming up in 2020 .

The supply faucet the block reward the amount of Bitcoin coming into existence every block which is about every 10 minutes will be cut in half massive supply shock the block reward is which is now twelve point five coins per block per ten minutes will decrease in half to six point two five coins per block.

Now it should be noted that the last Bitcoin will not be mined into the year 2140 so we will long be dead Bitcoin will continue to have these having soar over the next hundred years really showing how much of an infancy we are right now in bitcoins lifespan so the 2020 Bitcoin having by it by all accounts is a huge event and just another way to think about this what’s gonna happen in 15 days is today around 1800 new bitcoins are minted into existence each day worth around 11 million dollars and most of those 1800 bitcoins that are minted daily are dumped daily the miners are constantly dumping Bitcoin but this does mean that it takes about eleven million dollars daily coming into the ecosystem people buying Bitcoin for the price just to stay the same but in about 15 days the next having this will drop down to just about 900 BTC a day that’s huge that’s a massive supply shock to the ecosystem and even if the demand of Bitcoin .

just stays the same because we’ve been seeing healthy increasing growth demand in Bitcoin over the last month if the demand stays the same and the supply faucet gets cut in half what’s that gonna mean for the price of Bitcoin what’s that gonna mean for you in today’s blog I want to give you some realistic perspective if you appreciate this content and let’s jump in first off just from an awareness perspective this popped up in Bloomberg the other day Bloomberg .

Business week get set for Bitcoin having here’s what that means articles like this which we are seeing from traditional finance more and more means that the fomo is clearly on articles like this add to it and while this educates a lot of people on what bitcoin is a lot of people from this massive blast out of awareness expect a price pump like I said looking at the last month of Bitcoin we’ve been seeing a pretty steady healthy price pump now despite this my expectation on.

what the price that Bitcoin will do the day of the halving and this should be your expectation – just looking at history the price of Bitcoin will probably do nothing or possibly even dump if we look at the first halving the price of Bitcoin really did nothing.

If we look at the second having in 2016 the price of having did something before it before the event and then dumped that day into the weeks after and if we’re being realistic it wasn’t until 360 days after or even 525 days after and the months leading up to it obviously that Bitcoin saw new all-time highs while nothing while people said it was a failure day of the Bitcoin having the supposed supply shock the effects price-wise don’t happen until after this is .

what the common retail investor does not know yet this is what most other crypto steemit accounts won’t tell you that day of expect possibly a buy the rumor sell the news after the 2017-2018 bear market we saw a little first accumulation we saw a little expansion right now we are on our second accumulation expectation wise for me and I’m not a financial adviser do your own research but we are about to enter the next official bull market obviously six to twelve months after the third having and as a Bitcoin holder these are the fundamental macro big picture events that you should be able to articulate a friend to a family member now taking into account