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11 Most Important Key Metrics To Track In Your Ecommerce Sales Report

The desire to know the different ecommerce key metrics isn’t enough. To fully take advantage of your data, you must have a firm understanding of which sales metrics to use and when. Sales report that are based on key metrics… Continue Reading →

Top 22 eCommerce Stats to Help Your Business Succeed

Ecommerce stats are indispensable in today’s ecommerce business. The world is becoming more and more online. And according to data, which I will share with you, ecommerce business is going to overtake brick-and-mortar soon. The line between eCommerce and brick-and-mortar… Continue Reading →

How’s that minnow power working out?

Benicents is a new company being formed with the express purpose of bringing people from outside the crypto-ecosystem directly into the steem ecosystem. Our goal is to find ways to make steem understandable and appealing to the 99% of people… Continue Reading →

Chainalysis: the number of attacks on exchanges has increased, and they have become more sophisticated

According to the analytic firm Chainalysis, 2019 was a record year for the number of hacker attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges, but the damage from them turned out to be significantly less than a year earlier. The company explained that it… Continue Reading →

Which of your posts are the most viewed?

Not the most rewarded Not the most engaged Not the most voted Not the best written … the ones that had the most eyeballs on content BACKGROUND A conversation with @acidyo made me interested in the subject of VIEWS …… Continue Reading →

Lucky Curator List 2.0

This is a followup to an earlier post To rehash… One way to find posts that will trend is to look for the luckiest curators. These are people who seem to choose posts that are going to trend, well in… Continue Reading →

How to build a lucky curator list 3.0!

In previous iterations of this list we took into account… Looking at the top 100 posts in trending and examine authors (dead end) Examining every vote that has occurred on each post until we get some fixed percentage (we chose… Continue Reading →


 If you are managing a Facebook page either for your personal experiences or for your business, knowing more about audiences, user behaviors, time to posts, and other analytics factors is a must. Facebook analytics is a tool to help find… Continue Reading →

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