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How to Get Into Online Forex Trading?

Forex trading stands for trading in foreign exchanges or foreign currencies. It might sound a lot complicated, but the truth is that you can open an account and start the work in an afternoon. Most of the Forex trading right… Continue Reading →

The ForexBrokr Hive Blog

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams, This is not your average forex broker blog. The ForexBrokr Hive Blog The ForexBrokr Steem blog has now officially become the ForexBrokr Hive blog! While nothing changes in terms of my actual content,… Continue Reading →


Introduction BitEclipse is a Financial market which combines trading of Forex and Cryptocurrency with all necessary major currency pairs. Most Cryptocurrency Exchanges only specializes in dealing with Crypto assets but BitEclipse combined both together and this makes the platform a… Continue Reading →


BitEclipse trading platform is developed to make an exceptional competitors for all crypto tools that exist at the present minute of market advancement. For this purpose, it has the essential technological attributes, along with integrated features with which investors from… Continue Reading →

The Basics of Forex Trading

Gone are the days when foreign exchange trading was deemed as something that people did only when they needed of foreign currency to travel abroad. Nowadays, foreign currency exchange (Forex, FX) is a decentralized global market in which a nation’s… Continue Reading →

Gold & Forex Analysis on February 20

Brief analysis of gold trends and some currency pairs on H4 time frame XAU / USD Approaching the strong resistance zone of 1600, gold shows no sign of selling off at this price. Instead it is showing signs of a… Continue Reading →

The beauty of having the right trading indicator set, one that actually tells the future.

76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFD’s with eToro. 70-80% of overall global retail traders of all asset types are unprofitable. That’s because the market has more to do with live real-time data, than historical data and… Continue Reading →

Gold & Forex Analysis February 19

Brief analysis of gold trends and some currency pairs on H4 time frame XAU / USD Gold has undergone a dramatic change, with a 7-year peak (1600) tested once again. This position is confluence with the upper boundary of the… Continue Reading →

Gold & Forex Analysis February 17

Brief analysis of gold trends and some currency pairs on H4 time frame XAU / USD Gold has clearly broken through the peak of 1575 and is continuing to move up, short-term sell orders may have been stopped, this week… Continue Reading →

How to earn money through different interconnected businesses

Although there are many ways to earn money online nowadays but we will be focusing on two main business models; Forex and Pay to click (PTC). According to my analysis if you find a model where you can interconnect both… Continue Reading →

Gold & Forex Analysis on 12/02

Brief analysis of gold trends and some currency pairs on H4 time frame XAU / USD Gold has come down as expected but it is worth mentioning that it created a bullish signal on H4 when retesting the resistance zone… Continue Reading →

Exploring The Forex Trading System

The vast majority know about the most fundamental type of Foreign Exchange Trading. They realize that when you travel abroad, one of the principal things you do in the wake of landing is to discover the closest spot for money… Continue Reading →

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