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đź“Ł Trading Tutorial: How to trade APX with BITCOIN todayđź’Ą Competition with 200,000 APX Prize Pool đź’°

Starting from TODAY, you can now trade APX tokens against BITCOIN on! đź’Ą Just in time for the bitcoin boom and countdown to the bitcoin halving 🚀 Watch the Video tutorial ⬇️ BELOW ⬇️ to learn how to deposit… Continue Reading →

Anybody ready to try and short this thing with me?

Stocks just keep chugging along, but at some point, enough is enough… After falling a cliff in February and March due to fears surrounding the coronavirus, the S&P 500 (or SPY in this case) has had an extremely impressive recovery…. Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Chart Review and Update #37 ?

Bitcoin chart review BTC CHART BTC CHART Published by Philosof at #Tradingview Comment: Bitcoin grown by 22% from yesterday. You can never be ready for its impulse moves. Whether direction is up or down, it always exceeds expectations of majority…. Continue Reading →

Hive, More Room For Expansion

In the past few days, the price action of Hive took the crypto community by storm. With a magical listing on Huobi and then Binance, two of the most powerful exchanges in the world, Hive exploded amazingly smashing the 96… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Halving 2020 part 1

All right welcome back everybody to my blog on absorb out 15 days bitcoin is about to go through possibly the biggest fundamental event that we have in our ecosystem today image source the Bitcoin block reward having of twenty… Continue Reading →

Max’s Group, Inc. (MAXS) FY2019 Financial Results

Earnings of MAXS is up a seventh in the fiscal year 2019 compared to the prior year. The net income increased by 14.75% to ₱724.23 million compared to ₱631.14 million in 2018 with the flattish growth in revenues at 5.25%… Continue Reading →

PrimeXBT’s Covesting Module: The Most Profitable Way to Social Trade Online [2020]

Trading in 2020 is no longer a rudimentary process of setting up an account on a basic trading platform, and then buying an asset and waiting to sell it at some later point. With the growth in the number of… Continue Reading →

Hive to the Moon: Why Justin Sun Could Likely Pump Steem in the Coming Days

If anything, the price action of Hive in the last few days has not been anything short of being insanely magical. From a low of about 13 cents about this time last week, Hive is now trading around 90 cents…. Continue Reading →

A lengthy explanation of my crude oil view

After few days since I started this crude oil discussion, I realized I have not make myself clear. This is my first time really looking into crude oil, just like everybody looking at the negative price tag and wanting a… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Chart Review and Update #32 ?

Bitcoin chart review BTC Chart Published By Philosof at #Tradingview Bitcoin draw bull flag. Bullish move should take it to 8000 and 8300 (roughly). But since any major move requires decent amount of liquidations/liquidity, we may see it pullback first…. Continue Reading →

After Dropping To $1200, Bitcoin Will Skyrocket To $333,000,000: Silk Road’s Founder Reiterates His BTC Prediction

Despite his short-term adverse views of Bitcoin’s price, Ross Ulbricht remains bullish in the long-term. In a recent post from the prison, he reiterated his last $1,200 price prediction, saying that this could be simply the start of a vast… Continue Reading →

The Definitive List Of Every Popular Crypto Trader on Twitter

The Types of Crypto Twitter Accounts We’ll Be Looking At For this blog post we have trawled through the Twitter-verse and compiled a list of the most popular crypto traders on Twitter who have the biggest amount of followers and… Continue Reading →

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