A Galliminus’ bone was found at Bagnols-sur-Cèze

During the Christmas holidays a builder found a Galliminus’s bone in Southern France near Nîmes. Albert Einstein high school is currently being renovated. During this renovation work, one builder, named Charlie, discovered an old unfamiliar grey bone. He was shocked about this find!

Source de l’image : https://www.1jour1actu.com/monde

Further scientific research has enabled us to describe the nature of the bone. This bone belongs to species of dinosaur called Galliminus and is part of an arm. It is estimated that the dino, who was called “Gally” by paleonthologists, dates back to 70 million years and may be worth $ 100 000. It is thought that it measured 6 meters long and only weighed about 200 kg. It’s the lightest dinosaur we have ever seen!

The new spread quickly. Scientist of all the world speak about this discovery. « Gally » is an unbelievable opportunity for the town”, the Mayor of Bagnols says. She attracts a lot of people and the economy Bagnols-sur-cèze will be boosted by that fossil-rich site. The amazing discovery is beneficial for high school’s students because it is encouraging and motivating for them. The bone is the first dinosaur’s bone found in this region of France.

Albert Einstein’s headmaster even decided to create a new curriculum thanks to this finding: it called “archeology class”. After this discovery, a lot of students from all across the country seem to come to Bagnols-sur-cèze because the bone attracts them, and they think that the bone is the greatest of all time: “It’s unbelievable, all the world is aware of that. It’s awesome !” a student said.

Aminata Dicko, Léa Barbone, Chloé Gaye and Manon Martel, for the International Journal of Scientific Research.

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