• Quiz
Find out some facts about the UK. Look at the website and answer the following questions. You will have to browse the site to find the information.  

1. What is the nation’s current favourite food?
2. Where is the ‘home’ of the sport golf?
3. What is the artist Chris Ofili famous for? 
4. What song is sung on New Year’s Eve in the UK?

     • Group planning 
You have arrived at Heathrow Airport and want to travel to London Bridge. Look at the London Transport website and answer the following questions:  
- What line(s) do you take to travel from Heathrow to London Bridge? 
- Where do you change trains? 

     • 24hs in London
Work in small groups (Two or three). You are going to spend 24 hours in London, with unlimited budget. Where will you go? What will you do? Plan out your 24 hours. Be careful that you know how to get to each place (use the London Transport Map from task two).

Useful links:
London map (from the bbc)
Tube map

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