Fiona showing us the Scottish flag.

FionaOn Thursday, 6th November 201, we met Fiona Mac Fazdhean.
She comes from Stirling in Scotland.
So she is Scottish and British!
She has got red hair like many Scottish people
She is 25 years old she has got a brother who is 22. His name is Finlay. He works in Scotland where he sells kilts! She doesn’t have any pets. She used to have a dog In the past, but it died several years ago.
Fiona arrived in Coutances two months ago.
She is an English assistant at vocational schools Les Sapins and La Roquelle. She works with Mrs Pierrier, Mrs Lebiez, and Mrs Pradat and the three English teachers of La Roquelle.She lives in a flat in Coutances, near our school.
In her free times, she loves swimming and dancing. She also likes travelling because she thinks it is exciting! She likes reading and writing too!
Fiona speaks 4 languages: French, English German and Spanish but the speaks ONLY English in the classroom.
She is in France to practice her French and help us with our English

Marine & Dylan

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