French clichés about English people and English clichés about French people

French clichés about English people
English clichés about French people

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We all have English clichés but where do they come from ?
There are no specific dates or stories about these clichés but we have some ideas
which come from hundred years’ war which opposed England and France.

                    A )  English cliches about French people





To begin with this presentation, we will outline the top seven of the English clichés about French people : Here are those clichés in descending order
7 – French people are dirty




According to English people, French don’t wash, they only use anti-perspirant deodorant. But, a recent study analysing the facts that French people do not perform pesonal essential tasks such as toiletry reveals that the clichés is absolutely wrong and stupid.


6- French people all wear berets, striped jerseys, have moustaches and French sticks in their hands



Nowaday, this specimen is very uncommon in France. You have more luck to meet a young man who wears a pair of jeans , a pull-over and « pumps ».
5-French people all smoke and drink




¼ of the French population smoke, and smoking among young people is decreasing !
As for drinking , that must be true, but not more than for the English people !
4. French women all dress like fashion models




The idea that all French women dress well is widely spread. Many French women are interested in fashion and like to be elegant, but it’s far from being true for all of them. Most French people buy their clothes in H&M stores or Zara store and wearing clothes from brands like Dior or Chanel remains a dream for many.


3 -French people drink wine all the time


That one is true for some people. Wine is often served with food and every celebration goes with wine. There is also a whole drinking etiquette that you are supposed to follow. Yet, younger people tend to prefer cheap alcohol and you will rarely see people drinking wine in bars. Wine is still considered as a “classy” drink, something you should enjoy and not simply an alcohol you drink to get wasted.


2 – French people eat snails and frogs




Sure, if you go to Paris, you will see plenty of restaurants offering snails and frogs. These restaurants are touristic restaurants and they try to give the food the foreign tourist are expecting. Yet, these are things French people rarely eat. If you live with a French family for a few days, you will see that French people probably eat the same food as you do.


1 – French people complain all the time                


There are regularly strikes in France. But it’s hard to say whether it is because French people complain more than other people, or because they are less afraid to fight for their rights. One thing is certain though, French people are not afraid to say what they think and complain whenever something doesn’t make them happy.



                        B )  French clichés about English people


Now, we can see the French clichés about English people ! Like the last, that will be a top seven ! Descending order.


7 -They all are football fans



On saturdays, they all go to the football stadium and they sing like « You’ll never walk » alone or the football song of Liverpool « God save the queen », and they eat fish’n’chips.


6 – They all dressed like Charlie Chaplin



English people have a querky style of dressing (with a bowler hat, a moustache, with jacket and tie and a walking stick in the hand)

5 – English people drink tea



It’s tea time ! That’s the favourite English expression. All English people wait for tea time every day.

4 – They beat us at sport most times




In rugby the crunch is often won by the English players, unfortunately. They created football , rugby, tennis, they are just better than us even if we love to say that we will destroy the « rosbifs » !


3 – They live in brick houses




It’s true, when we think about english houses, we must imagine a smal red brick house, with a little garden in the front , and a big chimney with a slate roof because indeed in England, all roofs are black !


2 – They got a picture of the queen



We imagine, in the red brick houses with slate roofs, a picture of the queen of England  ! Which can be on top of the television or the fireplace, they must have the Queen in the house ! We imagine, too, they sing « God save the Queen » in the evening !


1 -They eat everything




For us, they eat beans in the morning, vinegar chips, pudding, jelly and lot of disgusting food.

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school trip



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Origin of the first names of the students of the European Section !

Research work on the origin of the first names of the students of the   European section.


Anaïs is a popular name in France. It has emerged since the mid-1980s and there are seven to ten times more women named Anaïs than Anne. It was the third most popular name for women in 1993, though the craze has since begun to die down, the name still remains fairly popular. There is no account of the name in France before the middle of the nineteenth century, when it is traceable in Provence and Catalonia. It is the diminutive form of Naïs, which was also used in a novel. Anaïs is also from Mexican descent


The meaning of the name Manon is the sea or bitter.

The origin of the name Manon is French.

Alternate spellings: Mannon, Maenon.

Notes: Form of the name Mary.


Fiona fi(o)-na as a girl’s name is pronounced fee-OWN-ah. It is of Irish and Gaelic origins, and the meaning of Fiona is « fair, pale« . Reportedly coined by an English author in the early 20th century. American musician Fiona Apple.


 Nariman (??????)is an ancient.Persian name meaning « faith and brightness. »



Antoine a-ntoi-nean-toine as a boy’s name is pronounced AN-twahn. It is of French origin. Variant, of AnthonyActor Antwon Tanner; football player Antone Davis.

Antoine has 17 variant forms:  AntioneAntjuanAntuanAntuwainAntuwaineAntuwayne,AntuwonAntwahnAntwainAntwaineAntwanAntwaunAntwohnAntwoinAntwoineAntwonand Antwone.

For more information, see also the related name Antonio.

Baby names that sound like Antoine are AntonyAntons,AntoninoAntoninAntonijeAntoni,AntoneyAntonAntinAnntoinAnthone and Antino.

View a list of the 3 names that reference Antoine.

Popularity of Antoine

Antoine is a very popular first name for men (536 out of 1220) and also a very popular surname or last name for all people (4407 out of 88799). (1990 U.S. Census)

Displayed below is the baby names popularity of the name Antoine for boys. (2010 statistics)  Compare  Antoine with its variant forms and related boy baby names.


(Elizabeth, Elisabeth)

From the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning « oath of God » or « God has sworn ». The present form developed from the greek Elisabet through the Latin Elizabetha to Elizabeth. In Britain the « z » from is usual, on the Continent the « s » is used. It was first used as a Christian name in the Eastern Church, and found its way across Europe to France, where it had the form ISABEL. This was also the usual medieval from in England. Elizabeth became common about the end of the 15th century, and its later popularity in England stemmed from the long reign of Elizabeth I. Among the many diminutives the following have benn most used : Bess(ie), Betsy, Betty, Beth, Eliza, Lizzy, Liz and the Scottish Elspeth, Elspie and Elsie, which are now used undependently. The German Elsa, Lisa.

Lisa l(i)-sa as a girl’s name is pronounced LEE-sah. It is of English origin. Short form of Elisabeth (Hebrew) « God‘s promise« . Actresses Lisa Bonet, Lisa Kudrow; talkshowhostLeeza Gibbons; basketballplayer Lisa Leslie.

Lisa has 9 variant forms: Leesa, Leeza, Liesa, Lisebet, Lise, Liseta, Lisette, Liszka andLiza. Popularity of Lisa

Lisa is a very popular first name for women and also a very popular surname or last name for all people.

Displayed below is the baby names popularity of the name Lisa for girls.

The signification of the name Lisa is : My God is a vow !


The name Elise is a baby girl name. The baby name Elise originated as a French name. In French the name Elise means- Consecrated to God. An abbreviation of Elisabeth, derived from a French diminutive of Elizabeth..

The Hebrew name Elizabeth means – consecrated to God. Bible: the mother of John the Baptist.


Origin : The first name Romane comes from the Latin first name Romanus.
Color : Green.
Precious stone : Emerald.
Character : In a glance, you will have understood that Romane is captivating. But
she is also lively, funny and optimistic. Not as her intuition, it will select his friends
with many obligatories
History : The Latin origin of this first name served to indicate the inhabitants of
Patron saint : Romane are celebrated on February 28th.


Theo as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Theo), is a variant of Theobald (Old German) and Theodore (Greek), and the meaning of Theo is « brave people; God’s gift ».


French cognate of Maria; French form of Mary.

Also the earlier form of the name in England until the Authorized version of the Bible established Mary as the English spelling.

Marie was the name of various queens of France, in particular, Marie Antoinette who was executed during the French revolution.

Marie Curie was a physicist and chemist who won a Nobel prize twice – for physics in 1903 for her work on radiation, and for chemistry in 1911 for discovering polonium and radium.

The name Marie is often found in compound names such as Anne-Marie, or MarieLouise.

It was the 2nd most popular name in Belgium in 2006.


The French name Pauline has a double etymology. It is a diminutive form of Paule, the feminine form of Paul, but it may also be derived from the Roman family name Paulinus.
In literature Pauline appears in Noel Streatfeild’s classic children’s book ‘Ballet Shoes’ as the name of one of the Fossil sisters. Pauline is a very popular first name for women and also a very popular surname or last name for all people .

Color: Red


The baby name Eléa is pronounced as EHLiyah. Eléa has its origins in the Old Provençal and Old Greek languages. It is used largely in English. Eléa is a shortening of Eleanor. This is also a variation of Ellen. Eléa is not popular as a baby girl-name. It is not listed within the top 1000. In 2010, among the family of girl-names directly related to Eléa, Eleanor was the most widely used. This is also the name of an ancient Italian town (modern Velia) which is well-known for being the home of the philosopher Parmenides and his student Zeno of Elea, who was famous for his paradoxes.


Ines as a girl’s name is a variant of Agnes (Greek), Inez (Spanish).
Ines = Inez is the anglicized form of the Spanish Inés, Agnes has always been population in Sctoland, from the Greek word meaning “ pure”.

Ines is the by-product of the first name Agnes. This last one is inspired by the Greek Agné adjective which means “crowned”. This word could qualify rivers, heavens or divinities.


Laure as a girl’s name is a variant of Laura (Latin), and the meaning of Laure is “the bay, or laurel plant”, symbol of victory and poetic genius.

The baby name Laure sounds like Laurie and Lauri. Other similar baby names are Lauren, Laurel, and Maure.

Laure” is a French and Italian name.

Popularity of Laure

Laure is somewhat popular first name for women but an uncommon surname or last name for all people.

Displayed below is the baby names popularity of the name Laure for girls.

Indeed, “Laure” is not ranked within top 1000 names.

St Laurence (variant of Laure) was a favourite medieval saint. It was popular in Ireland because St Laurence O’Toole is a 12th century Archbishop of Dublin.

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Did You Know?



by Eléa Chiron and Pauline Gimeno

What Are the Coldest Places in the World ?


Antarctica takes position number one among the coldest places on earth. Mostly uninhabited except for penguin in winter and seal colonies found along the coast. At the Plateau Station, temperatures can easily plummet to -84° Celsius and the annual average temperature barely reaches -36°C. The record as the coldest place, however, goes to Vostok Station, in Antarctica, where the temperature reached -89.4°C on July 1983. Scientists are the only humans to live on Antarctica for months at a time, and even they do it only in summer.


Of all inhabited areas, one of the coldest places in  the world is Siberia. It’s normal for temperatures to reach –51.1°C in January. Oymyakon, in Eastern Siberia, has an average winter temperature of ?45°C, and may have reached a low of -71.2°C, although the official record is -67.7°C. The little village is home to nine hundred permanent residents. The area is so cold that empty plastic bags taken outside will freeze then crack like glass.

Outside  Russia, the prize as one of the coldest places goes to Greenland, where the cities frequently see temperatures of -45.5°C. In the US, one of the coldest places is definitively International Falls, Minnesota, where temperatures normally reach -35.5°C in winter. Prospect Creek, Alaska, has broken several records in the American continent, including reaching -79.8° C in 2003.

To survive in the coldest places in the world, humans have had to adapt their environment and lifestyle significantly. Everything freezes at such low temperatures, from electronics to gasoline to pen ink ; batteries lose power and pipes crack under the pressure exerted by ice and snow. In Ojmjakon, children are not allowed to play outside for more than 20 minutes at a time during a typical winter day. At -51.1°C, their lungs can freeze and collapse. Despite all the difficulties, humans have found a way to change the environment and survive.             







What are the Hottest Places in the World ?


A third of the world’s land is deserted, mostly hot, dry deserts in which life has little to no chance of surviving. These deserts are some of the hottest places in the world. A good example is El Azizia, in northern Africa, which recorded 66°C in 1922. Scientists believe this is not, in fact, the hottest place in the world, but it’s certainly the hottest where humans have ever set foot. Death Valley, encompassing a good portion of both Nevada and California, is a close contingent for the hottest place in the world, with temperatures reaching 56.6°C on more than one occasion.

Libya, where El Azizia is located, is one of the hottest places in the world due to a burning sandy wind called ghibli, which often appears without warning and can raise the temperature by 20°C in just a couple of hours.

Of all inhabited areas, some of the hottest places in the world include Mali and Tunisia, where temperatures routinely reach 54.4°C and air conditioning is a luxury than only the rich can afford. Deaths due to heat and lack of drinking water are frequent, and illnesses that thrive in hot weather are also commonplace.

Outside Africa, the prize for one of the hottest places goes to the Tirat Tavi area in Israel, where average summer temperatures reach 47.2°C. In the US, eight of the top ten hottest places are in Arizona, with Avondale taking first place at 42°C.

Death Valley also holds the record for being one of hottest places in the world for the longest period. For 43 consecutive days between 6 July and 17 August 1917, Death Valley temperatures stayed over 48°C.

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Interesting sites to improve your English





Anglais Facile

Easy English On line

Fun Easy English

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