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Hi !

Thursday April 29th : « At the chocolate factory »

Today you are going to do  the activities 1 and 2 page 140 in your workbook. You need to take your  Piece of Cake book page 162 ;) to get some help.

Then listen to the audio :

and do activity 3 page 140 in your workbook.

Good luck ! We will correct these activities in class next Thursday ! See you soon !


« The World is My Oyster » Erasmus+ project

collaborative activity : 

Dear student, you will continue to work on Part 5 of our project on the  Twinspace ;)« How can I be more employable » and create activities or games to improve your skills.

Remember to leave messages to your Spanish  and Greek friends on the Padlet ;) 

You can create games on LearningApps ;) or on Quizlet ;) by using my account. (If you have forgotten my ID and Password send me a message !)




February 2021 : »Valentine’s Day »

Do these activities about Valentine’s Day ;)


January 2021 : »The Snowman »

by Raymond Briggs


December 2020 : »A Christmas carol »

by Charles Dickens





« Christmas »

Do these activities about Christmas : Xmas activities ;)




 November 2020 : « Bonfire Night »


September 2020 : « Focus on the European Union »

European countries and capitals quizzes :


https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3007 ;)

https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3225 ;)

https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3007?c=EHP35 ;)




Monday June 15th :

  • Good morning dear students !
  • Here is the correction of June 8th activities :Correction 5ème activités 5 et 6 page 139 wb ;)
  • Today, you are going to write a recipe of your choice on this page ;)
  • Your mission for next week will be to present it to your friends either in class or in a video : so get prepared! (= Ta mission pour la semaine prochaine sera de présenter ta recette à l’oral en classe ou dans une vidéo : donc prépare-toi !)
  • Have a nice day !


Monday June 8th :

  • Hello dear students !
  • Here is the correction of May 25th activities :
  • Today, you will  read this page :) and do activities 5 and 6 page 139 in your workbook.
  • Yum, Yum !



Monday May 25th :

  • Hi students!
  • Here is the correction of last week’s activities :Correction 5ème LCE activités page 138 wb ;)
  • Today, you will do activity 3 page 138 in your workbook (describe the picture with the present BE+V-ing.
  • Then do these activities about the present Be+ V-ing, to do some revisions.
  • Then, you will read the text ;) and do activity 4 page 139 in your workbook.


Monday May 18th :

  • Thank you to Tom who  did his test ! Better late than never !
  • The others can view their copy on https://www.quiziniere.com/  ;)with the code R7MONG and then use the code of your copy  that you can see here :Codes copies Quizinère ;)
  • Today, let’s do some pancakes ! Interactive book 5ème ;)
  • Take your workbook page 138 and do the activities 1 and 2.
  • Now watch this video of the famous pancake race in Spitafields in London. : 



Monday May 11th :

Hi, dear students ! 

  • Thank you to Noah, Romane, Louise, Kimily, Arthur, Noa, Chloé , Mathias… for doing the test.
  • You will find the correction on https://www.quiziniere.com/  ;)
  • Write the code of your copy to know your results.
  • If you haven’t done the test yet, you can still do it at https://www.quiziniere.com/  ;) with the code R7MONG
  • Have a nice day !


Monday May 4th :

Hello ! I hope you are still well !

  • Today, you are going to do the test on the lesson « At the chocolate factory ».
  • Go there : https://www.quiziniere.com/  ;) and write the code QY7LMO
  • Don’t forget to write your first name.
  • When you have finished, click on « Envoi de la copie »
  • And note down the code of your copy (for the correction).
  • Good luck !!


Monday April 27th :

Hi ! I hope you had great holidays ! If you want you can leave me a comment here ;) 


Monday April 6th :

Hi all ! I hope you are still fine and you had a great weekend !

  • Here is the correction of last week’s activities : 
  • Now, listen to the recording here ;) and answer the questions in your workbook (exercises 6 and 7 page 141)
  • Here’s the movie trailer ( if you can watch the film, that’s even better !)




Monday March 30th :

Hello, I hope you had a nice weekend !

Monday March 23rd :

Today, let’s have a look at a special job : « chocolate maker » or rather « chocolatier ». Yes, it will be Easter soon and I know you looooooooove chocolate !

  • First, read the difference between a « chocolate maker » and a « chocolatier »  here ;) 
  • Then, do  activities 1 and 2 page 140 in your workbook.
  • Then listen to the audio  ;) and do activity 3 page 140 in your workbook. Good luck and yum yum !

Monday March 16th :

To practice some English while the school is closed, do some activities on jobs


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