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Trip to England


As you know, I’m about to leave with my pupils (4A). We are going to England, more exactly to Eastbourne. My pupils of 6C and 6G can look for a map and check where Eastbourne is precisely.

I hope the 4A pupils are ready to embark at 4.15 on Monday morning! Don’t forget you’ll have to speak English from the moment you get on the coach!!!

I wish my 6C and 6G pupils a good back to school on Monday and a nice week. I’ll think of you! See you on May the 3rd.

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The Big Challenge


Voici comme promis quelques liens pour vous entraîner au Big Challenge qui aura lieu le jeudi 6 mai.

Attention! Pour ceux qui voudraient s’inscrire au Big Challenge Club, je n’autorise l’inscription que si je connais l’identité complète du demandeur! Je viens d’en refuser une. A celui-ci, je demande de renouveler sa demande en s’identifiant complètement!

Big Challenge

Autre site

Good luck!

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My superhero: The winners!


Better late than never! (mieux vaut tard que jamais!) The great winners of our contest are:

Yoline in 6C (n°13)

Fabien in 6G (n°8)

Congratulations to both of them! And many thanks to all the voters!

Superhero num-13Superhero num08

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