Simple ways to make a difference, take action, and save a life / Comment faire une différence, agir, et sauver des vies

Trash covered ground in Madina market, Conakry / Sol jonché de déchets, au marché de Madina à Conakry (© Tina Gebhard)
Trash covered ground in Madina market, Conakry / Sol jonché de déchets, au marché de Madina à Conakry (© Tina Gebhard)

I believe we have a choice in this world: we could waste our little fragile lives trying to satisfy our ever growing need for more, or we could step up, make a difference, and be an example. You could save lives without even knowing it, and without the person being saved knowing it. Sure, you’ll never be recognized…but honestly does that really matter?

We—humans—are killing our precious planet more and more with every coming minute! We can’t just sit here and wait for others to take action, our community to start making environment safe garbage dumps, or for scientists to find another planet. Earth is your planet too, and by being an inhabitant of this planet you have a vital responsibility to protect it.

You might be thinking: I am just one person I won’t make a difference. But, beloved, I cannot tell you how wrong you are! I bet you have heard stories of people trying to make a difference and next thing you know they are the founder of a world- known organization. I mean, of course, chances are that won’t happen to you. Yet you will never know if you don’t try and also don’t forget that you aren’t here to be recognized but rather, to make a difference.

Our planet is dying! The statistics and facts are heart wrenching! You might not think that pollution is a big problem, it doesn’t hurt that many people here and now, and it sure doesn’t affect me. But that’s a lie! People in villages in Africa, for example, feel the pollution a lot more harshly than you do, but pollution affects you too in subtle ways that don’t catch your attention. Even if it really doesn’t affect you severely, shouldn’t the fact that people worldwide are suffering from pollution make you want to try and help as best as you can anyways!?

While researching pollution on the internet, I found some extremely troubling facts. If you want to have your eyes opened to what is really happening in this world, then read on. It could really make you second guess throwing away that gum wrapper on the ground the next time you are in a hurry to get to class.

So, here are the facts:

  • 100 million mammals die a year from polluted air, soil, and water;
  • 1 out of 8 of the deaths throughout the entire earth are related to pollution;
  • A child dies every 8 seconds from contaminated water;
  • The money put into nuclear research could be used to give villages over 3000 hand-pumps to give Africans access to clean water;
  • 14 billion tons of trash are dumped into the ocean every year (mainly plastic);
  • In cities with bumper to bumper traffic (like Conakry for example), the polluted air from vehicle exhaust pipes seep into the car making the are inside the car times more toxic then on the outside;
  • Pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting over 100 million people. That’s comparable to global diseases like malaria and HIV.
  • People living in populated urban areas have at least a twenty percent more chance of getting lung cancer.
  • While children make up 10% of the world’s population, over 40% of the global burden of disease falls on them. More than 3 million children under age five die annually from environmental factors.

Aren’t these facts just horrendous! Every six seconds another beautiful life is lost, a young child under the age of five dead! We must take action! Anyone who sits back while fully aware of this terrible problem relentlessly killing thousands around the world is a killer. They aren’t killing anyone directly, but they aren’t standing up against the killing either…which, in my book, is just as bad.

Don’t be like these people!!! Take action! Make a difference! Save a life!

If you are ready to this: great!!! But don’t jump into it full force, you’ll probably end feeling discouraged and drained out. I recommend that you start by changing little aspects of your life (like throwing your trash in the trash can) and build up from there. If you do feel discouraged, remember all the people you are helping, you are a hero, changing lives all around the world! Don’t give up!

Here are some little ideas that trust me, DO make a difference:

  • Start bringing fabric bags when you go shopping, it will keep you from throwing away all those plastic bags that are always breaking. In fact, you should keep spare fabric bags in your car in case you forget.
  • Don’t leave the water constantly running when you wash your dishes;
  • Start carpooling with your classmates on the way to school;
  • If you are going somewhere that isn’t that far, walk or even bike. It’s good for you and the environment.
  • Collect your metal cans and give them to locals who can recycle them into pots and pans;
  • Make a compost pile.

These are just a few starter ideas. For fifty more amazing ideas go to this website:

No matter whom you are, where you are, you can make a difference, take action, and save lives!


Je crois qu’on a un choix dans ce monde, on gaspille notre vie fragile en essayant de satisfaire notre besoin de toujours avoir plus, mais on pourrait agir, être un exemple.

Nous, les humains, détruisons notre précieuse planète de plus en plus avec chaque minute qui passe ! Nous ne pouvons pas rester sans rien faire alors que d’autres agissent. La Terre est votre planète aussi et comme vous habitez sur cette planète vous avez la responsabilité de la protéger.

Notre planète meurt, les statistiques sont affreuses. Vous pouviez pensez que la pollution n’est pas réellement un problème. Mais ceci est un mensonge !

  • 100 millions de mammifères meurent chaque année de la pollution de l’air, le terre, et de l’eau
  • 1 mort sur 8 dans toute la Terre est liée à la pollution
  • 1 enfant meurt chaque 8 seconde de l’eau contaminée
  • L’argent utilisé pour la recherche nucléaire pourrait être utilisé pour donner 3000 pompes manuelles aux villages africains pour qu’ils puissent avoir accès à l’eau potable
  • 4 milliards de tonnes de déchets sont jetées dans l’océan chaque année (la plupart du temps du plastique)
  • Dans les villes avec beaucoup d’embouteillages (comme Conakry), l’intérieur même des voitures est extrêmement plus toxique pour les passagers, encore plus que l’extérieur.
  • La pollution est un des plus grands crimes mondiaux, elle a des effets négatifs sur 100 millions de personnes.
  • Les personnes vivant dans les espaces urbains densément peuplés, ont 20% de chances en plus d’avoir le cancer des poumon.

Si vous voulez trouver des idées simples et faciles pour agir, rendez-vous sur le site internet:


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