Trash? Art?

pneusIn the capital city of Guinea, Conakry, any newcomer will be puzzled by the sight of used tires piled up everywhere. In most cases, we may not notice them anymore! How sad ! They are spoiling our planet. And if you don’t think so, you are wrong. In many countries in Africa such as Guinea it is one of many environmental issues. To become aware of it and to cope with it. In fact, used tires are burnt, in the street, most of the time. Consequently, it threatens the earth with the emission of greenhouse gases which is harmful for us humans but also animals and vegetal.

This is the reason why a Guinean man, an artist and a designer named Kevin Soyon Bangura has created a company: Black Diamond. The company is involved in the fight against global warming. He has realized that tires are really a danger for the planet and he doesn’t want to see it turn into a rubbish dump.

jardinièreSo his project is to collect all the car tires which have been thrown away and turn them into colorful chairs, wall and garden decorations. In addition, the company has no investment except the paint and with the sale of this art they can earn money so it creates jobs at the same time for people. This is advantageous for everybody, the people who find work there and all the population of Guinea although they don’t know it in the whole. Less toxic smell and air pollution around us thanks to Kevin Soyon Bangura, a great man who thinks for us and all the inhabitants of the earth.
Conakry, March 2015,

Text and pictures: Juliette Thélémaque

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  1. Bonjour,

    Je suis française d’origine guinéenne, basée à Paris. Je travaille sur un projet de gestion, traitement et valorisation des déchets sur la ville de Conakry.

    Le projet de cette artiste m’intéresse et souhaite prendre contact avec lui. Pourriez-vous me communiquer les contacts de son compagnie Black Diamond.

    Best regards,

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