Who are we?

16 05 2008

Introduce yourself in English!

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16 05 2008
cdilyceemonnet (18:33:59) :

Congratulations to your wonderful teacher for her new blog!
I’m Bernadette, the teacher librarian working in your high school.
I share http://lewebpedagogique.com/cdilyceemonnet/ where you will put comments . I share also http://www.weblettres.net/blogs/?w=capdebonneesper with Mrs Doris Parneix where you can write comments too. See you later !

17 05 2008
causette (23:23:38) :

Hello, my « pseudo » is Causette. I’m a Jean Monnet French teacher. I do’nt speak a very good english ant I hope to perform with you on your blog. I am a friend of your english teacher.
I love to learn and to read. I live in Limoges.
It’s difficult to me to write in English but I’ll be the first to salute your new blog.

17 05 2008
causette (23:35:30) :

I am writing for you this first message in English to greet your new blog. I speak a very bad english and I want to perform it with you. I can read but when it’s time to speak or to write a text, it’s very difficult for me.
My « pseudo » is Causette. I have 3 blogs. I’m a friend of your English teacher and I also work in Jean Monnet.
I wish you great pleasure to write in English.
See you soon.
One of my blogs :


21 05 2008
cdilyceemonnet (07:57:19) :

Hello teacher and pupils,
Did you see my message about English language I write today on my space ? Its title is « My tailor is rich » . I hope you enjoy it !
See you later !

22 05 2008
theeuroclass (17:10:11) :

Hello! I’m Mrs Chatterbox. I’m the English teacher of The European Class 2007/2008. I’m glad to chat with you. Welcome to Jean Monnet hotelkeeping and catering school!

23 05 2008
angeliquenowakowski (08:33:56) :

Hello! I’m Angélique. I’m sixteen. I’m am French. I live in Feytiat. I’ve got two brothers and four sisters. I haven’t got pets. I go to Jean Monnet catering school. I want to be a waiter. I am a menber of the European Class. I practice ice skating!
See you soon!!!

23 05 2008
sylvainserezac (08:36:20) :

I’m Sylvain. I’m eighteen. I’m French. I live in cussac. I’ve got one brother and one half brother. I have two dogs and two cats. I go to Jean Monnet catering school. I want to be a waiter. I’m a member of European Class. I love fotball, playing tennis. See you soon. Sylvain.

23 05 2008
morganechatard (08:37:55) :

Hello! I’m Morgane. I’m seventeen. I’m am French. I live in Feytiat. I’ve got one sister. I have one pet (a cat). I go to Jean Monnet catering school. I want to be a waitress. I am a menber of the European Class. I love listening to music and reading!
See you soon!!!

23 05 2008
mickaelbodeau (08:41:26) :

I’m Mickaël. I’m eighteen. I’m French. I live in Bessine. I’ve got one sister. I have got one dog. I go to Jean Monnet catering school. I want to be a cook. I’m a member of the European Class. I love handball, meeting friends. See you soon. Mickaël.

23 05 2008
sylvainserezac (08:46:54) :

to causette, thank you for the message. The most important when speaking is making one self understood, no matter how many mistakes we make. See you soon. Sylvain and Mickaël.

23 05 2008
mariondupuis (08:51:18) :

Hello !
I’m Marion. I’m seventeen. I’m French. I live in Limoges. I’ve got one sister and no brother. I have fish. I go to Jean Monnet catering school. I want to be a cook. I’m a member of the European Class. I love swimming, fishing, and chatting with my friends .
See you soon. Marion

23 05 2008
mariondupuis (09:09:11) :

To Bernadette : Thank you for leaving us a message. we are always very happy to receive a message. See you soon on the blog. Marion

23 05 2008
cdilyceemonnet (19:17:33) :

It’s a great pleasure going from my space to yours. Some years ago I lived in Canada, exactly in Nova Scotia where people spoke English. But I forgot all the words I used in this time ! So now, I think it’s necessary I practise the English language. It’s why I am visiting this blog.
You can vist mine and put comments.

24 05 2008
Franck (19:07:02) :

Hello everybody. I’m Franck, the spanish teacher !!! You probably all know me because I’m nice, smart, lovely, intelligent, funny and… WHAT ? You don’t agree with all these qualities… Well… may be you are right. I forgot « modest » and « perfect » ! But I have to resign myself ! You just know me because I’m YOUR spanish teacher. Never mind. I will survive.

Anyway, I stop joking. I really like your blog and I think it’s a wonderfull idea… Of course, because your teacher (the FAMOUS Mrs Chatterbox !!!) is a wonderfull woman… and you are the best students we can dream of… Enjoy this blog and if you wish, you can have a look at our COMENIUS blog : http://comeniusgastronomie.blogspot.com. There are a lot of articles in english.

Hasta luego / See you soon

26 05 2008
cdilyceemonnet (14:14:52) :

Frank is a sort of local George Clooney . So I add  » What else ? » . The worst is there is’n’t a cup of coffee!

12 09 2008
notreprof (02:34:08) :

Hello Mrs. Albrecht,

Thank you so much for encouraging your students to participate on our blog. We are looking forward to getting to know everyone better and feel very fortunate to be able to connect with such an international group. I hope your students will write to us often!

Mrs. Watzman (Massillon Washington High School)

10 10 2008
13 09 2009
greletjordan (19:42:52) :

I am Jordan. I am sixteen years old.
I live in limoges . I study in jean monnet catering and hotelkeeping school. I have no pets . I like swimming , listening to music , riding a bike with my friend , going out with my friends and animals . I swim with the capo csl rvi limoges club .I learn in the European class in jean monnet catering and hotelkeeping school .

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