Christmas in Italy

15 01 2009


Christmas in Italy

The christmas season in Italy lasts three weeks., starting 8 days before the nigth of Christmas. In Italy Christmas is called Novena. Christmas has got 2 origins for italian people as everywhere in the world : the tradition of christianity & a pagan tradition: the Roman « Saturnalia » ( a winter solstis celebration), coincides with the Christmas celebration of the Advent.On christmas eve the dinner is called cenone which is a dish of eel ( anguilles) . The traditionnal dessert is called panettone , it is a Milanese cake. The Cribs in Italy have got a real importance for christians. They consist of figurines, in clay or plaster, of the infant Jesus, Mary & Joseph. On christmas Eve, Italian children set out their shoes for la Befana . She is the female Santa Claus. They all get gift but if they are bad their shoes are filled with coal.


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