Christmas in Malta

16 04 2009

 Christmas is very important to the people of Malta. Most people on Malta are Catholics and go to Midnight Mass.

The churches are decorated with lights and nativity cribs. Today some of the cribs are mechanical and the figures in them  move. There is a group on malta called friends of the crib who help to keep the maltese crib tradition alive.

Children on Malta get their presents from santa claus on christmas night.Sometimes, father  christmas comes knocking at doors early on christmas night delivering presents.

Maltese people have a wide range of food at Christmas. Traditionally, the Maltese house- wife keeps the fattest rooster,’hasi’ , especially for Christmas lunch, which was roasted at the local bakery in a casserole full of potatoes and vegetables. The traditional dessert served at a Christmas is the Treacle Ring, and to finish it off,a hot Chestnut and cocoa soup, which was and is served as a cosy night cap during the December days in Malta.




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