The chistmas in Spain

16 04 2009


Christmas dinner is never eaten until after midnight.It is a family feast, and often highlighted with «Pavo Trufado de navidad» (Christmas turkey with truffles).

After the meal, family members gather around the Christmas tree and sing Christmas carols and hymns of Christendom. For midnight service, people walk through the streets carrying torches, playing guitars and beating on drums. One Spanish saying is « Esta noche es Noche-Buena, Y no es noche de dormir », « Tonight is the good night and it is not meant for sleeping! ».

Some children believe that the Kings brings presents to them at Epiphany. They write letters to the King on Boxing Day, December 26th, asking for toys and presents.And on Epiphany Eve(January 5th) they leave shoes on windowsills or balconies or under the Christmas Tree to be filled with presents. Gifts are often left by children for the kings, a glass of cognac for each King, a satsuma and some walnuts. Sometimes a bucket of water is left for the camels that bring the kings! If the children have been bad, the kings might leave pieces of coal made out of sugar in the presents!

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