French wines

1 04 2011

French wine

In France, here are various wines.

There are red wines, white, rose, sparkling, yellow and straw wines.

In the Jura vineyard many powerful yellow wines are produced.

The guaranted vintage Château Chalon is a good match with chicken with yellow wine and morels.

I suggest visiting the village of Baume-les-Messieurs with its famous waterfalls of tuf,

its caves and its Abbey.

In the  Champagne vineyard three grapes are known for these great wines.

Chardonnay, Pinot meunier and Pinot noir.

Champagne is a sparkling white wine and can be drunk with many desserts, for example, blown liquor.

I suggest visiting the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims.

The Alsace vineyard, is known for its dry white very flavoured wines.

The guaranted vintage Alsace pinot noir is rosé; it has aromas of red fruits like cherry, raspberry or of wood and can be drunk with onion pie :

The Flammekueche.

The Alsace riesling is a rather fruity white wine and is a good match with fillet of perch with Riesling.

In Alsace you can visit the town of Strasbourg and the Green Lake.

Burgundy produces very great red wines considered as the best ones in the world.

The Clos Saint-Denis is a fleshy red wine, and goes very well with roasted Bresse chicken.

The Chablis is a dry white wine, it has an odor of flinty and can be drunk with a typical fish dish, the pauchouse bourguignonne.

You should  visit the town of Dijon at the same time.

Region Languedoc-Roussillon offers sparkling wine which is elaborated according to traditional ways for example Crémant de Limoux which is a sparkling white wine, it has a soft taste which recalls that of citrus. There are also red wines, Côtes du Rousillon villages, it’s delicate and fruity with a taste of  blackcurrants. This wine can be drunk with Cassoulet de Castelnaudary.

I recommend a visit of the castle and ramparts of Carcassonne.

In the Rhone Valley vineyard there is Côte rôtie, it’s a harmonious red wine, it’s slightly tawny.

In the Southwest vineyard there is Floc de Gascogne, it’s a VDL, it’s a perfect match with duck liver. The Gaillac is a fruity and spicy red wine, it can be drunk with duck fillet and aligot for the dish. And with a flaune for dessert.

The flaune is a cake composed of cheese from roquefort.

In the Bordeaux vineyard there is Margaux which is a supple and delicate red wine and which can be drunk with Bordelaise steak and axoa d’espelette which is a lamb stew with chili.

In the Loire Valley vineyard there is Muscadet, it’s an elegant dry white wine and it can be drunk with oysters and eels.



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French wines are very famous in the world.

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