German food, drinks and the sights to visit in Germany

17 01 2012


In France, we think all Germans are big and beer drinkers. They always eat sausages, sauerkraut, potatoes with a large mug of beer in Bavarian shorts

An average German is made of sausages, sauerkraut ,turnips and onions. Caricature or reality?

Pork is the most consumed meat in sausages and many kinds of delicatessen.

All regions have their sausages. In Bavaria there is white sausage; in Frankfurt it is the mild sausage.

The currywurst : a sausage with ketchup and curry. At the moment it is the most popular sausage in Germany. A museum was opened in 2006 in Berlin for this famous sausage!

Germans eat many kinds of stews and meat like beef and game. But lamb and horse are forgotten.

German stew is often served with potatoes and cabbage.

Germans are also fond of eating asparagus, pumpkins, turnips, and onions, the principal ingredient of many recipes like the flammekueche.

However, with a consumption of 120 grams per capita in a day, we can say the Germans eat few vegetables.

The proximity of the Baltic Sea gives many kinds of fish t the Germans like herrings, eels, shells like mussels, crustaceans like lobsters cooked in a great soup.

They eat pickled herrings and trout fillet.

Germans also eat freshwater fish like zander and trout consumed nationwide.

Horseradish is the most consumed spice.

German cheeses are of Dutch inspiration and there are hard cheeses. The Germans consume many Dutch cheeses like gouda, edam but the Germans have their own recipes like beer cheese and the blue of Bavaria.

They have beer cheese with spices;

Many pastries are famous and known around the world like the Bavarian and the Black Forest Cake.

Pastries are very varied : genoese, pie, doughnuts, biscuits with cream and fruits.

The Germans are keen on tasting dried fruit and candied fruit, another means to eat fruit.

Gingerbread is a specialty for Christmas.

Bread is important : many kinds exist : the bretzel shaped node is famous; it is always on the table in a restaurant or café.

How could we forget beer, the national drink! With 5000 kinds, beer will not stop surprising us! Many famous brewers are in Germany, like Paulaner and Beck’s.

Germans are crazy about drinking beer (over 110 liters of beer per capita). Each year in Munich, the Germans celebrate beer!

Germany is also a wine producer. White wine can be found in the South of Germany near the Rhine and the Moselle.

Germany ranks 8th among wine producers.

German food is traditional, solid and rich. It is adapted to a harsh climate. However it is varied according to the different countries.
There is also a gastronomic cooking with top chefs who have been awarded stars in the Michelin Guide.


8 01 2012

The culinary traditions of Greece

Food: There are a lot of food specialities in Greece

Starter: For the starter in Greece, there are lots of salata like the entréla horiatiki salata, there is the tara Mb Alata which is a salad with caviar.

Main course: For the main course there is Briam, it is a mixture of roast potatoes, eggplants, onions, garlic, with some tomato sauce and olive oil. There is the keftedakia which are balls of minced meat flavoured with mint and oregano.

Dessert: For the dessert, there are a lot of specialities but specially these ones: the Kataifi and the yaourti de meli. The Kataifi is a cake which contains some honey, hazelnuts and cinnamon. The yaourti de melo is a yoghurt with honey.

Drinks: There are many specialities for drinks in Greece but specially alcohol.

Wines : there is the Mavrodaphni, it is a very sweet red wine, the Retsina, the typically greek famous wine.

Spirits : there is especially the Tsipourau, it is a very strong alcohol.

Places of interest: There are a lot beautiful and amazing places of interest in Greece.

There are several places of interest in Greece for example the temple of Athéna in Egine or the Door of Lionesses in Mycènes or still the Big Altar of Zeus in Pergame or even the Temple of Apollo and the famous Parthénon.



Entrela horiatiki salata Briam Keftedakia

Kataifi Yaourti de meli


Mavrodaphni Retsina


Places of interest:

The Parthénon

The Great Altar Of Zeus

The Temple Of Apollo