8 01 2012

The culinary traditions of Greece

Food: There are a lot of food specialities in Greece

Starter: For the starter in Greece, there are lots of salata like the entréla horiatiki salata, there is the tara Mb Alata which is a salad with caviar.

Main course: For the main course there is Briam, it is a mixture of roast potatoes, eggplants, onions, garlic, with some tomato sauce and olive oil. There is the keftedakia which are balls of minced meat flavoured with mint and oregano.

Dessert: For the dessert, there are a lot of specialities but specially these ones: the Kataifi and the yaourti de meli. The Kataifi is a cake which contains some honey, hazelnuts and cinnamon. The yaourti de melo is a yoghurt with honey.

Drinks: There are many specialities for drinks in Greece but specially alcohol.

Wines : there is the Mavrodaphni, it is a very sweet red wine, the Retsina, the typically greek famous wine.

Spirits : there is especially the Tsipourau, it is a very strong alcohol.

Places of interest: There are a lot beautiful and amazing places of interest in Greece.

There are several places of interest in Greece for example the temple of Athéna in Egine or the Door of Lionesses in Mycènes or still the Big Altar of Zeus in Pergame or even the Temple of Apollo and the famous Parthénon.



Entrela horiatiki salata Briam Keftedakia

Kataifi Yaourti de meli


Mavrodaphni Retsina


Places of interest:

The Parthénon

The Great Altar Of Zeus

The Temple Of Apollo


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