food and sights of italy

24 02 2012


Welcome to Italy !

Italian cuisine is attractive cooking, so fragrant, a real medley of colors, aromas and flavors.

First,  Italian food is very famous for its spaguetti or  pasta ; the Italians eat pizzas, antipasti ( based on ham, tomatoes and many different things with pesto ) too; other famous dishes include the risotto, the gnocchi, the grissini ( small dry loaf of bread  ). As far as  cheeses are concerned, in Italy we can find parmesan, gorgonzola, feta, and mozarella! There are differents kinds of ham like the pancetta , the bresaola, prosciutto crudo.

As far as drinks are concerned, there is the famous Marsala ( an aperitif made with almonds ), there are many wines like  Chianti ,  carmignano…  Barolo is a superb, velvety wine. We can find drier drinks  , like the two different Martini ( Rosso and Blanco ) And to finish the famous Amaretto!

The tourist sights

The tower of Pisa is situated in the center of Italy , this is the symbol of the country. We can find the Pantheon , the Coliseum , the Vittoriano, the Piazza San Marco , the famous square in Venice. There is Pompei too ( the patrimony of Italy ) or Vatican city, an independent state. The famous towns in Italy are Venice , Roma, Turin , Florence …