8 01 2012

The culinary traditions of Greece

Food: There are a lot of food specialities in Greece

Starter: For the starter in Greece, there are lots of salata like the entréla horiatiki salata, there is the tara Mb Alata which is a salad with caviar.

Main course: For the main course there is Briam, it is a mixture of roast potatoes, eggplants, onions, garlic, with some tomato sauce and olive oil. There is the keftedakia which are balls of minced meat flavoured with mint and oregano.

Dessert: For the dessert, there are a lot of specialities but specially these ones: the Kataifi and the yaourti de meli. The Kataifi is a cake which contains some honey, hazelnuts and cinnamon. The yaourti de melo is a yoghurt with honey.

Drinks: There are many specialities for drinks in Greece but specially alcohol.

Wines : there is the Mavrodaphni, it is a very sweet red wine, the Retsina, the typically greek famous wine.

Spirits : there is especially the Tsipourau, it is a very strong alcohol.

Places of interest: There are a lot beautiful and amazing places of interest in Greece.

There are several places of interest in Greece for example the temple of Athéna in Egine or the Door of Lionesses in Mycènes or still the Big Altar of Zeus in Pergame or even the Temple of Apollo and the famous Parthénon.



Entrela horiatiki salata Briam Keftedakia

Kataifi Yaourti de meli


Mavrodaphni Retsina


Places of interest:

The Parthénon

The Great Altar Of Zeus

The Temple Of Apollo


Belgian gastronomy, Belgian drinks and the sights to visit in Belgium

18 11 2011




Belgium is famous for its gastronomy. It is at the top of “haute cuisine” and equals France in ratio of restaurants per head of its population.

The specialities of Belgian gastronomy are :

Chips or French fries with mussels , and out of the many typical dishes you should taste rabbit with beer sauce. (it’s delicious ! )

The coastal restaurants are popular for theirNorth seafish and shell fish dishes. Not to forget there is fresh trout, Gentse  watezooi (casserole of chicken and vegetables), “ Flamich” (a cheese flan). AnAntwerpspeciality is eel in chervil sauce. Not forgetting the Brussels sprouts!


Belgian chocolate is famous worldwide. It’s one of the symbols of Belgian quality the world over. Pralines are chocolates filled with fresh cream , marzipan , liqueur. They were invented by Jean Neuhaus in 1912.


As to beer, we have to thank the Flemish Benedictine monks for inventing it: there are different types of beer: some are very famous like: Leffe , Affligem , Hoegarden , Grimbergen.

The sights of Belgium

        First you must visit Brussels, don’t miss “La Grande Place”:it is the huge former market square in the heart of old Brussels and “The  Grande Place” is one of the grandest squares in Europe.One of its largest buildings is the Gothic Hôtel de ville (the townhall). You should also see the district of Sablon, ”le Palais Royal”(the royal palace), then the Manneken-Pis (it is a6 centimeter tall bronze statue made in 1619) , Jacques Brel’s foundation, next to the Palace of Fine Arts, the Royal Square and finally  you can find prestigious hotels like the Mariott.

Next, in Anvers you can visit Rubens’s house and the museum of “Les Beaux Arts”.

Then, you can admire the cathedral of Saint Bavon and the “Halle aux draps” (the linen hall) in Gand.

Finally, you can see “La Grande Place“ and the “Tour Zimmer” in Lierre and the little Venice of the North and its canals : Bruges.

Enjoy your stay inBelgium!




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