Exam: commentary of one of the texts included in the booklet. A series of questions will be given. Prerequisite: knowledge of the main historical events mentioned in the documents, vocabulary of the text, understanding of the text (information and analysis, viewpoint of the author)


Assignment: the deadline is April, 9th.

Group work (2 or 3 students per group) to be sent at the following mail address:

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Write a 500 word long paragraph on one of the topics below:

a)      Sir Thomas More was at the origin of a new literary genre, the utopia. This genre has been widely used and revisited. Analyse one example of literary, cinematographic, or architectural utopia.

b)      What are the main characteristics of Puritanism? Is this doctrine still widespread nowadays?

c)      In contemporary England, the relation between religion and the monarchy is controversial. What is this controversy about?

d)     Elizabeth Ist has often been portrayed. Analyse one of these portraits.

e)      Which vision of the empire was conveyed by the British orientalist painters?

f)       Why can we say that the 1851 Great Exhibition shaped the image of England?

g)      Dickens is famous for denouncing poverty during the Victorian period. Choose one of his novels and study his depiction of poor people.