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The English corner jeudi, 14 avril 2011

Hello !  Welcome to our poetic blog about Paul Verlaine !

If you are learning French, maybe you will be happy to listen to us telling Verlaine’s poems.

Paul Verlaine is a famous french poet.  He was born  in 1844 in Metz, and he died in  Paris in 1896, he was  51 years old.

He was elected « prince of poets » in 1894, but he died two years later.

Some of his poems are very famous. The most famous is chanson d’automne , which means « Autumn song ». The first part of it was used as a secret code in 1944, on the BBC, just before D-Day, to advise the resistance fighters.

About us: we are French pupils from a school situated in the South of France, in a little city named Carqueiranne. Our school’s name is Jules Ferry. We are from 7 to 10 years old. Our teacher is named Mrs Giannoni.

Sorry if  our site is not completly translated, but we are very young learners! But we hope you will enjoy it the same, because we made a lot of drawings and you can also listen to our French voices !

Thank you for your visit !

Paul Verlaine, drawing from Antoine B