Magnetic Island State School…

20 06 2013

Magnetic Island State School is a public elementary school situated on Magnetic Island, not far away from The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
School year starts by the end of january and ends mi-december. The children go to school from monday to friday, from 8.30 to 2.30 pm.
We were welcomed in a 1st year classroom by Jo Terkelsen, the teacher. She introduced us to the children and invited Yoann and Titouan to join the class after the morning break.
The pupils started by an english lesson with the study of a poem and rythms and aliterations… : « Doodledump is dancing ». Then the children reviewed the days of the week through a game which Yoann and Titouan enjoyed a lot. Then they all should write properly the days on a exercice page. By the end of the morning, the boys took part to an art lesson. The pupils got to learn the difference between warm colours and cool colours on the computer’s pictures, and  made their own creation with oil pastels.
Finally, Yoann and Titouan passed picture and postcards of Marseille to the children. Titouan will keep in touch with this class, perhaps to settle a correspondance in september between the schools…
We left the australian pupils at lunch time in front of their lunch box provided by the parents.

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