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France Mobility #4: Gela Sicily. November 2022

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Day 1: Saturday, November 18th: JOURNEY TO GELA

It has been such an adventure. Departure from La Tour du Pin 5.30am. Plane to Amsterdam delayed so change of company as we were to miss our connection ! New flight to Catania via Rome. Arrival in Gela at 9.30 pm ! What a long day but we made it safe ! Oh almost forgot ..😂😂we had to experience the Sicilian driving with our bus driver to Gela! 120 km/h instead of 40 ! So scary !

DAY 2: Monday, November 21st: Day at school and beach cleaning

We spent the morning at school where the students introduced their school. An acting troop came to show us an extract of a play called « 100 steps ». It is the true story of Peppino Impastato, a left wing political activist who opposed the mafia in Sicily. Then, we shared a typical breakfast where we ate croissant filled with pistachio, Nutella or cream ..delicious ! Then, the French students like the other countries attended lessons with their partners while the teachers had a tour of the school! After a gigantic and delicious meal by the beach we went on the beach to pick up garbages . The TV came to interview some the teachers but also some students!
What rich and full filling day ! 🤩🤩😍

DAY 3: Tuesday, November 22nd: Biviere lake /Ulysse’s exhibition /ancient walls tour/ Greek bath tour.

We headed to Biviere Lake where we had a tour by a guide. It is the largest coastal Lake in Sicily and one of the main “rest areas” of migratory birds. It is ideal for Bird watching and for admiring nature and the ecosystem. After a some hike through a path with the guide giving us detailed explanation of the Area, we went back to Gela to sec the “Ulysse’s exhibition” . Over 80 artifacts were found in the seabed in front of the Coast of Bulala. They date between the sixth and fifth centuries BC.

Biviere Lake