Back to school

5 09 2019

Welcome back to school 5 red, 5 yellow, 5 green , 5 blue, 2de A and 2de B!

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4 09 2008
Thomas (18:34:57) :

I am a pupil of the 5eme9 and I would like to know the programm of the year.

Your blog is very nice !!

4 09 2008
Catheline Dubois (18:43:45) :

The curriculum (programme) will basically follow the different stages of the book. I hope you’ll like it. Have a nice week-end!

6 09 2008
Romain (14:43:14) :

Hello, I’m Romain of 1S1. I would like to know if ‘illustrated vocabulary’ of ‘lexique/lycée’ is a good practice for the DST on monday. I expect you will answer . Have a nice Week-end!

6 09 2008
Catheline Dubois (14:57:05) :

Well i’m not sure the vocabulary you’re speaking about will deal with comments of a documents.
It will be better if you revise last year’s copybook, the vocabulary test will be basically about the words you use to describe a document (au 1er plan, un auteur, un résumé, analyser, contemporaint, en ce qui me concerne etc.) and simple adjectives to describe a character (intelligent, beau-garcon, courageux etc.)
hope it helps, have a nice week end Romain

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