Lochnagar crater


The crater is near the village La Boisselle, in the french Département Somme. It arised because of an explosion in the first world war on the first of July 1916 at 7:28 am. The british special detachement dug a tunnel from the british camp  16 meters underneath the german appointment „Schwabenhöhe“.They begun diging in November 1915 and finished in march 1916. They put 26,8 t explosive agent in two chambers connected with corridors under the german front. To this moment it was the greatest man-made explosion in the militarily history. The ground and debris were thrown 1200 meters high.at the same time there were 16 other explosions in the circumference of La Boiselle.



The british soldiers attacked the german camp after the detonation but they waisted to much time between the explosion and the attack. Therefore they escaped into the crater, but this was their own death sentence, because the crater was easy and often attacked by the german soldiers. It was a big masacre for british armee. This day is still the most horrible day in the history of the british military.


Every year on the first of  july at 7:28 am is at the crater a commemoration ceremony for the fallen soldiers.

On the wooden path around the crater are rolls of honour.




The crater is 91 meters wide and 21 meters deep and therefore the biggest man-made hole ever.

By Theresa and Luisa

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