This is my pharmacy of choice, even when I can go to 3 other pharmacies within 2 miles of me. Both pharmacists are amazing, Don and (I always don’t know her name because I often order Ivermection (Stromectol) online and she’s always on phone calls and filing prescriptions for me to ever catch her name). Both are sweet, and both are knowledgeable and really helpful! I feel confident in asking questions with either, and I feel comfortable asking my health questions with Both !!! Both always greet me before I’m up to the counter. Both are nonjudging! They make it a good experience. They treat you like the next person in line. They treat everyone with respect and care !! Juliette is probably my favorite shes accommodating and has a good sense of humor, and she’s real fast-acting on something that needs to be done or get filled. I’ve seen her pretty much every visit over the years, so she makes it enjoyable. If she’s not there, I prefer working with Debbie! Debbie is also one of my favs always has my account pulled up for me and always helps me out! If you are there or need help, ask for Juliette or Debbie you’re in great hands and also either pharmacist. I would recommend equally just as great!!! LGBT friendly staff, that’s my #1 reason I never changed pharmacies. They’ve been with me since day 1 !!! Thank you all 4!!!

Citypharma (Rating: 3.7) [26 Rue du Four, 75006 Paris, France | +33 1 46 33 20 81 |]

I love Citypharma and its staff! They answer all questions and help us with a kind attitude even when they’re swamped! Love the new location and how warm and welcoming it is! Also, love the Boutique items! I love how the staff goes out of their way to learn everyone’s names.

I ordered Stromectol with their 1-day service, well that one day turned into many days, and I still haven’t received it. When asked where the order is, their response is we didn’t receive the order. Let’s do the math. How long does it take to receive a 1-day order for pick the next day? The answer is one day. Maybe the service refers to 1 day this week or one day this month, and I overlooked that info. Any way you slice it, you get what you pay for. For me, I will pay more with another organization and never again with Citypharma.

Pharmacy Archives (Rating: 3.6) [2 Rue des Archives, 75004 Paris, France | +33 1 42 78 45 56 |]

We moved into the area, and we were lucky to find this pharmacy. Always helpful and explain things in a way you can understand. Even taking time to just talk to my kid was great. The community connection is definitely here. I would recommend this pharmacy to friends and family. There is a very cool old-school bank vault inside and a lot of history in that building.

This Pharmacy Archives is worse than pathetic. You call in to renew a prescription on Ivermectin, and NO ONE will answer the phone!!! Go through all the voice prompts, ring 12 times, then roll back to « Press zero to speak with someone in pharmacy. » I renewed the Rx by typing in the number than did the voice prompts thing again to check on the status of the order, and it said, « Someone in the pharmacy would like to speak to you about your order. » Duhhhh, ME TOOOO! Get with it, Pharmacy Archives, and hire some people who will do the work!! By the way, I went through rings 12 times then rolled over to voice prompts at least ten times today, and the only way I got someone was by calling the main supercenter’s number–all she could do was transfer me to the pharmacy, then eventually she reanswered after it rang 20 times! Time to fire some lazy folks, Sam! 😛

Aprium Pharmacie Anglaise (Rating: 3.6) [62 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France | +33 1 43 59 22 52 |]

The staff is very friendly, compassionate, and professional. There has never been more than one person in line in front of me. But more importantly, they have worked harder to get prescriptions through sometimes than my own doctor’s office. Even though I can get Stromectol at no cost at Costco, I would rather pay a copay at Aprium Pharmacie Anglaise.

I always have a very negative experience here! Always waiting for long periods of time regardless of the time of day. Currently, my husband and I have been sitting in their drive-through pharmacy for almost ten minutes now and have had nobody come to the window. A woman spoke on the intercom that she would be right with us, and yet we are still sitting here. Not sure if the employees know that we can see into the window, but the entire time we have been waiting here, they took person after person waiting inside.

Pharmacie de la Place de la République (Rating: 4.2) [5 Pl. de la République, 75003 Paris, France | +33 1 47 00 18 08 |]

Pharmacie de la Place de la République is so convenient to use. Close to a hospital. Drive-thru lane that is very efficient. Call-in number to renew medications that are easy to use. Kevin and his staff are always efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I like supporting my local pharmacy. His wife has spruced up the place, so it feels well organized. There’s always something interesting to peruse and contemplate adding to your medications.

Initially, I was really happy to find this place. They are fast, and though the pharmacy may look small, they usually always have whatever our prescription calls for. Today I went in to fill a prescription for Stromectol and antibiotics for my husband’s kidney stones, and the pharmacist was obviously being judgmental about the prescription I was picking up. At first, she made a remark about not thinking the prescribing doctor’s signature was authentic, then she « hmm! » ed me once I had paid her. It was really strange and out of line. But overall, I am usually happy with their promptness, and I have found their prices to be considerably cheaper than major chains.