Generation Gaps

11 03 2014

Here are 2 funny videos to illustrate our lessons.

  • The first one is Anita Renfroe’s Momisms. (music: William Tell Overture) FIRST, watch, listen and try to understand. THEN, you can read the lyrics.


  • The next one is about an American dad and his daughter's Facebook wall. This is about what she has to do at home and what she wrote on her Facebook wall. Watch the end and don't forget this is AMERICAN.... (you'll understand if you watch the end!) Amazing! It has over 39 million views!


  • FINALLY, you can watch this film:




This week’s word is…

26 02 2014

Click bellow and become an expert!!!

This week’s word is BEHAVIOR



This week’s word is…

20 02 2014



Click bellow and increase your vocabulary!!!

This week’s word is…Bully



This week’s word is…

29 01 2014


  • In this rubric you will learn a new word every week

and increase your vocabulary!

  • There will be a definition and two exercices

to check if you understood the word.


            Click below and ENJOY!!! 

             This week’s word is FRIENDSHIP. 


Questions in the past tense. (preterit)

8 01 2014

Wh-words p3 and Questions in the past simple p15.



  • Number 3 (


Prononciation de -ed

3 11 2013


Agir contre le harcèlement à l’école + infos Facebook

9 08 2013


  • Qu’est-ce que le harcèlement, comment le reconnaître?

Que faire en cas de harcèlement?

Que faire si vous en êtes témoin?

Les réponses à ces questions sur, le site internet dédié à ce sujet du ministère.

Vous y trouverez également des clips de la campagne médiatique nationale ainsi que des numéros de téléphone utiles, mais aussi des informations, des conseils, des paroles d’expert…

Cette campagne est axée sur 3 objectifs principaux: sensibliser, mobiliser et agir.

Numéro vert (Stop Harcèlement: 30 20) Gratuit depuis les fixes et portables.


  • Voici ici une plaquette concernant le droit sur Internet et en particulier sur Facebook.

Ai-je le droit de publier les photos de mes amis, de mes profs, de mes neveux… ?

Qu’est-ce que je risque si j’insulte quelqu’un sur Facebook ?

 On me persécute sur Facebook, que puis-je faire ?

Les réponses à ces questions sur cette plaquette du CNDP:



Let’s have some fun this summer!

20 06 2013

A dog is trying to beat the TEXAS heat after his owners emptied their cooler in the driveway.
– Temperature : 108.9° Farenheit = 42.7° Celsius


  • Five Fun Summer Fitness Activities: Watch the video, learn the words, speak and do the quiz (vocabulary)




  • All by Himself at Las Vegas Airport: A 43-year-old guy from Atlanta was stuck at Las Vegas Airport and decided to create a video with his smart phone. Here is the video: (All by myself = Alone) The song is by Céline Dion, who replied by giving him free tickets for one of her shows.

You can read more about this on L.A Times (June 13, 2014)



Used to

7 06 2013


  • Two songs to work on « Used to ». – « Watch the videos and fill-in the blanks. »
    – The Cranberries :Just my imagination
    – Madonna : This used to be my playground

    Activities created by Renée Maufroid (Ac. Lille) 
  • Gotye:

  Click on the picture to hear the song and read the lyrics.

Click here to complete the lyrics. (Choose Beginner)


Le présent simple et les adverbes de fréquence

5 01 2013

La Troisième Personne du Singulier


Une animation pour expliquer la formation du présent simple (de Daniele Lagarde, académie de Créteil, site:



Do your best: revise the adverbs.


Chores and Frequency Adverbs  (Chores p2-9  / Adverbs p10-12)

Mind map frequency-adverbs

chart of adverbs


  • Jokes (

Healthy livingillustration

Lucy Williams worked in an office near the city centre . She usually went for a walk in the park during her lunch hour. Nearly every day she saw a very old man who was always in the park on the same bench. He had white hair and a long white beard and a very contented expression. She sometimes nodded to him or said hello and he always smiled back very happily. One day, she decided to stop and speak to him.
‘Excuse me,’ said Lucy, ‘I often see you here. You always seem very cheerful and you’re never sick! What’s your secret for a long and happy life?’
‘My secret?’ asked the old man, smiling at her ‘I don’t have a secret.’
‘But how often do you take exercise?’ asked Lucy.
‘I never take any exercise, young lady.’
‘What about your diet? How often do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables?’
‘I hardly ever eat vegetables.’ he replied, still smiling,  ‘And I smoke almost all the time.’
‘That’s amazing!’ said Lucy. ‘How old are you?’
‘Thirty five,’ he replied.