Good Bye Nelson Mandela

18 07 2013







You’ve certainly heard about Nelson Mandela on the TV news.He has died, aged 95. (Dec, 5th 2013)

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Video: Channel One News’ Daily Show.

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Quiz about Madiba. (BBC)


He was called Madiba by South Africans. He was President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 and the first black president in the first democratic election of the country. He fought against apartheid (segregation, separation and discrimination against black people) and was sent to prison for 27 years! (from 1963 to 1990)

Today, he is one of the most respected people in the world.


  • Mandela Day:  (
    The United Nations General Assembly has created a special day to celebrate Nelson Mandela. July 18th, Mandela’s birthday, is now officially Nelson Mandela International Day. The UN said it decided to create this occasion to say thank you to a “great man”. The day celebrates Mandela’s “promotion of a culture of peace throughout the world”. It also recognises Mandela’s contributions towards improving race relations and human rights. The president of the U.N. General Assembly Ali Treki stated the day highlighted how Mandela suffered to create a better world. Mr Treki said Nelson Mandela played a « leading role in and support for Africa’s struggle for liberation…and [made an] outstanding contribution to the creation of a non-racial, non-sexist democratic South Africa.”

Nelson Mandela led the fight against apartheid in South Africa for several decades. He spent 26 years in prison for his efforts. The international community campaigned for many years to get him released. Finally, he was freed in 1990. He worked tirelessly to help South Africa move toward reconciliation and a multi-racial democracy. In 1994, he became his country’s first black president and served for five years before stepping down in 1999. He has won many awards in his life, but perhaps his greatest is the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. Since his retirement from South African politics, he has remained active on the world stage. One of his biggest commitments is in the fight against AIDS. He is today one of the world’s most respected statesmen.



New Freedom Tower in NYC

19 05 2013

Freedom Tower par PittCalebFreedom Tower par Tim Drivas

One WTC will be the tallest building in the U.S., and the third tallest in the world. The tallest skyscraper is the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which stands at 2,717 feet. (828 metres)

The New Freedom Tower in NYC stands where the old World Trade Center was before the 9/11 attacks. With its spire, it is now a symbolic 1,776 feet (541 m) in reference to the year of American independence.

Here are a few documents about the newest and tallest building in the USA:

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  • an article   from
  • a video about the spire from Newsy.


 If you want to learn more about the Empire State Building, click here! (with videos and games) Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)

Explosions hit Boston Marathon

16 04 2013

Explosions hit American marathon race.

Two explosions took place near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in America on Monday (15 April).



Farewell to Margaret Thatcher

16 04 2013


Britain’s first female Prime Minister died April 8 at the age of 87. Read this article about the Iron Lady from