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Interactive Calendar

A la demande de Nathan, voici le formidable calendrier utilisé en classe chaque jour… pour celles et ceux souhaitant aller plus loin et voir plus de vidéos!

Ce magnifique travail a été réalisé par Mme Haquet. (acad de Rouen)

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !



Here are some activities about Christmas:

  • Vocabulary:

*Powerpoint Flashcards

*Talking Flashcards (repeat the words)

*English Words for Christmas + Picture Quiz

  •  Games:

*Christmas Game

*Labyrinthe (Cliquez sur « start », écoutez, et cliquez sur l’image qui correspond. Quand vous êtes arrivés au bout, cliquez sur A, B ou C. Recommencez si vous vous êtes trompé.)

*Christmas Book ( du plus simple ou plus difficile – de la 6ème à la 3ème)

*Christmas in the USA (Listening)



  • Songs:

*Jingle Bells  (video with lyrics)

*We wish you a Merry Christmas



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Be Nice…



Plantu, Castelbajac, Louison. (Twitter)

Plantu, Castelbajac, Louison. (twitter)


What’s happening in the French city of Nice? (http://www.bbc.co.uk)


France will hold a minute’s silence today in memory of those killed in Nice (http://www.firstnews.co.uk)


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Teen Jobs


Here are


  • some videos:

how to get an after-school job:

teen workers: real jobs, real risks…


  • Job Interviews:

* Top 10 Job Interview questions:

* 2 examples:

* 5 common Job Interview questions:

*6 tips to ace a Job Interview:




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Amelia, our language assistant.


Here is Amelia, who was our American language assistant this year. The students in 3°4 did a series of interviews about her life as an American student.

  • Introduction by Akila, Maxime, Meryem, Yann and Yousra:


  •  About food, by Giovanni, Julie, Sabrina and Selma:


  • About sports, by Ahmet, Amine, Colin and Dorian:


  • About past experiences, by Betul, Charlotte and Mouna:


  • About music, movies …, by Arthemis, Rim and Sandra:


  • About American holidays and celebrations, by Axelle, Léa, Ludivine and Manon:


  • About her life as a teenager, by Astrid, Louis, Manon.G and Tahiry:



We’d like to thank Amelia, she’s been a great language assistant. We’ll miss your smily face!

All the best,

Ms Calard and her students.


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It’s a Princess! … and her name is…



  • Read more about the Royal Baby on the Huffington Post.
  • The baby is fourth in line to the throne. To understand her family tree, read this article on BBC.com.
  • An Interactive Family Tree on www.britroyals.com.
  • Play games about the Royal Family! (Renée Maufroid)
  • Watch this great video, it’s really funny! (the Guardian, May,2nd) Niveau 3èmes et plus.


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  • Video: Ronan’s escape. Written & Directed by A.J. Carter. (Australia) It’s about the life of Ronan (David Lazarus), a 14 yr old boy who’s been bullied at school his whole life. It’s very easy to understand.


  • Song: Uncle Adams: I am stronger.





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Generation Gaps

Here are 2 funny videos to illustrate our lessons.

  • The first one is Anita Renfroe’s Momisms. (music: William Tell Overture) FIRST, watch, listen and try to understand. THEN, you can read the lyrics.



  • The next one is about an American dad and his daughter’s Facebook wall. This is about what she has to do at home and what she wrote on her Facebook wall. Watch the end and don’t forget this is AMERICAN…. (you’ll understand if you watch the end!) Amazing! It has over 39 million views!



  • FINALLY, you can watch this film:





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A Royal Baby very soon!

Prince William is the son of  Princess Diana and Prince Charles and he is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. In 2011 he got married to Kate Middleton, who is now expecting a baby.

* Here are some news about the royal baby (Firstnews, June 2013)

* Pregnant Kate is in hospital! (Firstnews, Monday, 22 July 2013 )

* Listen to Jenny: William and Kate are going to have a baby!

 * Waiting for a delivery (Metro.co.uk) Aides pour comprendre le texte:

  • The Ashes Test: cricket matches between England and Australia. 
  • A delivery: un accouchement. (délivrance, et ici libération puisque la reine va partir en vacances et souhaite que le bébé naisse avant!)

* Live! (the Guardian) Kate was admitted to hospital this morning (July, 22nd)

And you? Can you guess the name of the baby?



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