Celebrity Quiz

17 05 2017

Can you guess who are these celebrities? You can answer at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to give the corresponding number!

Let’s start!

 N°1  (by Hugo, 5èF)

  • He was born on August 5th 1930.
  • He was an astronaut.
  • He worked for the NASA.
  • He died on August, 25th 2012
  • He was the first man to put one foot on the moon.

Do you know him?


N°2: (by Lizie, 5èF)

  • He was born on August 4th 1961.
  • He is American.
  • He has 2 children. (2 daughters)
  • He is 55 years old.
  • He is married to Michelle.
  • He was President of the USA from January 20th 2009 to Jan 20th 2017.

Who is he?


N°3 (by Théo, 5èF)

  • Some people say he’s one of the most beautiful men in the world.
  •  He was born on May the sixth nineteen sixty-one in Lexington, Kentucky.
  •  He played the role of Doctor Ross in a very famous TV series «E.R »
  •  In France, he is well-known for a commercial for a coffee, where he says « WHAT ELSE? »
  •  He is an American actor and producer.

He is ………….  


N°4 (by Quentin, 5èF)

Hello !!!!                                            

How are You ??I want to tell you about someone,

  • He was an actor :
  • He was born in Glendal on September, 12th 1974. He was an American actor and producer. He played in very famous action movies, for example :FAST AND FURIOUS…
  • He was a pretty boy, and he lived in San Fernando’s Valley.
    He died in Valencia in California, on the 30th November, 2013.

Do you know who he is ??

See you soon !                  



Prétérit de BE

9 03 2016


Pour conjuguer BE au prétérit.

Leçons et activités pour s’entrainer.

Le superlatif

25 04 2014


Cours et activités sur le superlatif.



Questions in the past tense. (preterit)

8 01 2014

Wh-words p3 and Questions in the past simple p15.


  • Exercises: Number 1 and Number 2.


  • Number 3 (http://www.perfect-english-grammar.com)


Golden Rules

6 10 2013

Bart Simpsons Chalkboard

In English class,

we must do our homework.

we must speak loudly and clearly.

we must respect the teacher and the other students.

we must use the classroom English.

we must participate very often.


In English class,

we mustn’t fight in class.

we mustn’t chew gums.

we must’nt laugh at the others.

we mustn’t interrupt the others.

we mustn’t eat in the class.

Used to

7 06 2013


  • Two songs to work on « Used to ». – « Watch the videos and fill-in the blanks. »
    – The Cranberries :Just my imagination
    – Madonna : This used to be my playground

    Activities created by Renée Maufroid (Ac. Lille) 
  • Gotye:

  Click on the picture to hear the song and read the lyrics.

Click here to complete the lyrics. (Choose Beginner)


Le présent simple et les adverbes de fréquence

5 01 2013

La Troisième Personne du Singulier




  • Adverbes de fréquence

Do your best: revise the adverbs.


Chores and Frequency Adverbs  (Chores p2-9  / Adverbs p10-12)

Mind map frequency-adverbs

chart of adverbs


  • Jokes (http://www.esljokes.net)

Healthy livingillustration

Lucy Williams worked in an office near the city centre . She usually went for a walk in the park during her lunch hour. Nearly every day she saw a very old man who was always in the park on the same bench. He had white hair and a long white beard and a very contented expression. She sometimes nodded to him or said hello and he always smiled back very happily. One day, she decided to stop and speak to him.
‘Excuse me,’ said Lucy, ‘I often see you here. You always seem very cheerful and you’re never sick! What’s your secret for a long and happy life?’
‘My secret?’ asked the old man, smiling at her ‘I don’t have a secret.’
‘But how often do you take exercise?’ asked Lucy.
‘I never take any exercise, young lady.’
‘What about your diet? How often do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables?’
‘I hardly ever eat vegetables.’ he replied, still smiling,  ‘And I smoke almost all the time.’
‘That’s amazing!’ said Lucy. ‘How old are you?’
‘Thirty five,’ he replied.


Irregular verbs

14 10 2012
Dear students,
Here are some websites to help you with the verbs.
Good luck!
Mrs Calard
  • POWERPOINT (Adapté par Mrs Savourat /Inspiré du travail d’Anne Pinel / La plupart des transcriptions de Sophie Morin / Les sons viennent du site d’Yvan Baptiste)


  • GAMES:

Fernando: Game 1

Jeopardy Quiz Game (on peut jouer à plusieurs!)

Spelling activity

Funny game (Mrs Haquet)
Pour vous créer des tests, cliquez ici. Cochez les verbes que vous devez connaitre, puis cliquez sur niveau 3.
Verb Ace (The Big Challenge)
Listes, diaporamas et exercices. (Mme Savourat)
Une idée de fiche à fabriquer vous même.

Des exercices à trous sur les principaux verbes irréguliers vus au collège . Très pratiques, ils sont classés par ordre alphabétique et ressemblent à mes évaluations. A faire sans modération! (CathyDavies’ Tips in English)


  • SONGS (pour apprendre en s’amusant !)


Be * Have * There is / there are (révisions)

30 09 2012


  • BE

Be au présent simple.

Interactive Exercise

Short answers


  • HAVE

6 exercises



At school and at home (games)

  • JOKE:


POLAR BEAR CUB:  Mum, am I a real polar bear?
POLAR BEAR MOTHER:  Yes, dear, of course you are.
POLAR BEAR MOTHER:  Yes, son. I’m a polar bear. Your dad’s a polar bear. Your grandparents are polar bears. Your sisters are polar bears. Your brothers are polar bears.
POLAR BEAR CUB:  I know that, mum. But am I a real polar bear?
POLAR BEAR MOTHER:  Of course you are. Be quiet and eat your fish.
POLAR BEAR CUB:  But I’m not a polar bear, I’m sure.
POLAR BEAR MOTHER:  Listen to me. You are a real polar bear. Why do you ask the same question again and again?
POLAR BEAR CUB:  Because I’m freezing!

Present Perfect

11 06 2012





VIDEO: clique sur le lien et à chaque pause, fais des phrases au present perfect pour raconter ce qui vient de se passer.