Present Be + V-ing

27 05 2012

 Are you revising your English?

Interactive exercise:

PRESENT be+ing : Un nouveau parcours grammatical sur Memovoc,

dont le but est de savoir former le présent en be+ing, et de l’utiliser pour décrire des activités en cours

Créé par Hélène de Morel. (Ac. Caen)

Choose between the Present Simple or Present Be + V-ing

Singin’ in the rain  (Ms Maufroid)

A busy day




I’m with you, by Avril Lavigne + doc

Tom’s diner, by Suzanne Vega

Sailing, by Rod Stewart

Lemon tree, by Fool’s garden

You can tell me which one you prefer by posting a comment !

Let’s compare!

10 03 2012

Grammar Exercise

Exercise n°2

Exercise n°3

Book (p10)

Rule + Exercises

Multiple Choice

Ecrire le comparatif de ces 14 adjectifs (sans le « than »)

Mega quiz

More difficult! 😉

Compare Homer Simpson, Garfield and Sponge Bob!

Now let’s compare the members of the SIMPSON family! (don’t forget « than »!)

Song and video:


Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk :
« Work It Harder Make It Better
Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger
More Than Ever Hour After
Our Work Is Never Over »

Some / Any

16 01 2012

Hi everyone ! 

Here are some links to help you:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2 (sentences and questions)

Exercise 3 (sentences and questions)


Have fun!

Ms Calard