The alphabet

20 01 2014

Videos and songs:

  • Usher and Sesame Street:


  • Do you know your alphabet?


  • The alphabet rap





Interactive activities:

  • Bingo Game! (
  • Frog Game. (clique sur la grenouille et sur la lettre qu'elle t'indique, c'est très drôle!)










15 01 2014

  • Vocabulary – Colours – with AUDIO
    Learn / Revise the colours with the following activities :
    1) Learn the vocabulary,
    2) Match the words with the pictures,
    3) Match the pictures with the sounds,
    4) Do a crossword,
    5) Listen to a song!

    (Laurence HAQUET – Ac. Rouen)
  • Look, listen, sing, play, write, have fun! (Created by Renée Maufroid.)
  • Have fun! (Created by Renée Maufroid.)





1 2 3 : Numbers

11 11 2013
  • Numbers– interactive book with AUDIO   (





  • Game: (by Renée Maufroid)





Days of the week

6 10 2013
  • Voici une chanson pour les 6°7:



  • Jeux:

 Remets les jours dans l’ordre (

Matching game (

Classroom Vocabulary

15 09 2013

Voici une nouvelle vidéo pour apprendre le vocabulaire (pour les 6°7) EFL Learning

Voici un jeu crée spécialement pour les 6°7.

Here is a Powerpoint Presentation to revise your vocabulary.

Lesson + exercises. (

Game ( Renée Maufroid)

Vocabulary + Quiz. + 70 words + Consignes (audio) (

Click here to revise your Classroom English!

Let’s have some fun this summer!

20 06 2013

A dog is trying to beat the TEXAS heat after his owners emptied their cooler in the driveway.
– Temperature : 108.9° Farenheit = 42.7° Celsius


  • Five Fun Summer Fitness Activities: Watch the video, learn the words, speak and do the quiz (vocabulary)




  • All by Himself at Las Vegas Airport: A 43-year-old guy from Atlanta was stuck at Las Vegas Airport and decided to create a video with his smart phone. Here is the video: (All by myself = Alone) The song is by Céline Dion, who replied by giving him free tickets for one of her shows.

You can read more about this on L.A Times (June 13, 2014)



Vocabulary: Transport

15 04 2013


  • Bali plane crash (the Guardian) 13/04/13 (photo AP) and watch a video by clicking on the picture.

The Lion Air Boeing 737 broken on rocks in shallow water off Bali


  • A unique airport in Barra, Scotland, where planes land on the beach!


Draw a stickman and have some fun!

13 04 2012

Here is a good way to learn some vocabulary during the holidays!

Click on this link :

You may need to look up some words in the dictionary before:


  • a box
  • a key
  • a sword
  • a cloud
  • above / bottom
  • fire
  • a drain


  • a ladder
  • a bucket
  • an elevator
  • a weight
  • a beaver
  • wings

Have fun and be creative !

PS: a stickman est un bonhomme-bâtons qu’on dessine rapidement. A vous de jouer, si possible dans l’ordre. N’hésitez pas à laisser des commentaires pour dire si ça vous a plu, quelque soit votre âge!

Voici pour finir un lien pour dialoguer avec un ordinateur « intelligent ». Entamez la conversation et posez-lui des questions. Il répondra! Cleverbot

Vocabulary: Health

28 01 2012

How are you?

Telephone conversation:

Doctor’s appointment: listening exercise


At the doctor’s ( click on Intermediate, Vocabulary, At the doctor’s )

Stay calm Dad A 5-year-old talks on the phone with 911 while her dad is having difficultly breathing.  Don’t leave too soon.  This little girl is not only smart, but very funny. (jammies = pyjamas / tank top = débardeur)

You can also watch it on Youtube

Here are some exercises you can do to check your listening skills.

Vocabulary: Breakfast

5 12 2011



Let’s revise your vocabulary:






Activities  Click on 2nd year – Intermediate –> Vocabulary –> Fruit

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