Let’s talk together!

Here is a page where we can talk about anything you want. Answer my questions in the comments. Don’t forget to write the number before! (have a look at my examples)


1.The sales started on Wednesday, 9th. Did you go shopping? Did you buy anything interesting?

2. It is snowing !!! Do you like it? Why?

3. Did you go to the cinema recently? What did you see? Did you like it? Can you recap the story?

4.  Let’s make comparisons ! What do you prefer?

      a) Do you prefer Harry Potter or Twilight? Explain why.

      b) Do you prefer Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran? Why?

      c) Do you prefer Rihanna or Sia?  Why?

      d) Do you prefer Ariana Grande or Ellie Goulding?

5. What do you usually have for breakfast?

6. What are your hobbies?

7. What is your best school memory?

8. What (chores) do you have to do at home? Do you have to make your bed, lay or clean the table?

9.  What are you allowed to do (or not)? What is forbidden at home?

10. Do you prefer London or New-York city? Why? Give your opinion.

11. Question for the 5°4: Can you tell us about your trip to England? Where did you go? What did you see? What did you eat? What did you prefer?

12. Tell me about your summer holidays. Where did you go? What did you do/see? …

13. What do your parents want you (not)  to do?

14. What chores do you usually do at home?

142 réponses à “Let’s talk together!”

8 06 2013
Ms Calard (15:11:29) :

6. I love reading too. At the moment, I’m reading a book called The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time, by Mark Haddon. It’s a great book and I love it! It’s the story of a 12 year-old boy (the narrator) who has the Asperger syndrome (he’s autistic). I’m sure you can find it in French. You should read it!

9 06 2013
Bastien de 5°4 (19:36:34) :

11.We visited Canterbury, Cambridge, Stratford, and London.
In Canterbury, we were next to the Cathedral. We had two hours free time.
In Cambridge, we visited universities. We had a walk on the river.
In Stratford, we were next to Sheakspeare’s house.
In London, we visited London Dungeon. We saw Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.
We crossed the Thames.

15 06 2013
Julien (13:33:12) :

Hello Mrs Calard,

2) I love snow because I love snow and battle of snowball.
3) Yes I went to the cinema recently ,I saw Epic .yes I like it .
4)I prefer Harry Potter because I like the magic ,I prefer PSY because it’s nicer than LMFAO and I prefer ONE DIRECTION because I hate Justin Bieber .
5) For breakfast ,I usually eat corn flakes and I usually drink hot chocolate.
6) My hobbies are PS3 and watching TV .
7) My best school memories are my friends and the playground.
10) I prefer New York because it’s bigger than London and it’s more beautiful than London .In New York ,there are the « statue de la liberté » and the Empire State Building .In London ,there are Big Ben ,Buckingham Palace and London Dungeon .

15 06 2013
Ms Calard (14:18:49) :

Good job Julien!

I’m going to watch Epic with my kids very soon.

12 08 2013
Julien (12:36:05) :

12. Hello Mrs Calard,
For the summer holidays I went to Nice and Monaco.
I had an immense swimming pool .I saw a big car in Monaco .They have a lot of money 😀 .We did not go to St Tropez . I visited the princely palace of Monaco too.

12 08 2013
Ms Calard (14:09:42) :

12 Hello Julien!

For the holidays, I went to Scotland. I visited some castles and walked a lot! I saw Loch Ness but not the monster! 😉
Enjoy your summer holidays!

1 09 2013
Tiphaine (17:07:14) :

Hello Mrs Calard! How are you?
12. For the holidays, I went to the Pays Basques, at Hendaye. I visited a city in Spain, and I ate Spanish speciality.

1 09 2013
Ms Calard (19:28:46) :

Very good Tiphaine! Are you ready to go back to school?

6 09 2013
Fatiha ARIBI (Selim's mother - 5°6) (15:46:08) :


I hope everybody is OK and above all is ready to start a new year. Good luck to all the pupils… and the teachers too ; )

10 – I’ve always wanted to go to London but I didn’t have the opportunity to. So I have a preference for this town, its population… and its Royal Family of course !
I hope going there and discower this beautiful place with my family one day.

7 09 2013
Ms Calard (11:01:51) :

Yes, London is a wonderful city. I would love to go back there too but it is such an expensive city!

6 09 2013
Astrid 4eme4 (16:13:29) :

12)Hello Mrs Calard !
For the holidays,I went to Spain at Benidorm by car with my family for one month.
I swam a lot with my cousins and my brothers in sea,so I saw a lot of little fish and one jellyfish.
I made shopping with my mother and my cousins.
I sometimes ate in the restaurants with my mother,my father , my big and little brother a seafood.
Finally,before going to Lyon, I stopped one day in Sète because I have a family there.

7 09 2013
Ms Calard (11:03:03) :

You are so lucky! I went to Scotland last summer but I couldn’t swim: the water was too cold!

7 09 2013
Akila 4°4 (12:46:58) :

Hello Mrs Calard !! :
For the summer holidays I went to Algeria by plane with my family.
I could see my grand-parents, my cousins, my uncles, my friends…
I also went to the beach and I LOVE swimming. It is very cool!!.
In Algeria it is very hot, but the last day it rained.
I also very played with my cousins!!
And we stayed one month!!!

7 09 2013
Dorian 4eme4 (13:48:27) :

12. Hello,for the holidays,I went to Spain in Barcelona with my family,I visited the stadium of Barcelone camp nou ,I went to the calafell where there is the beach,I saw a bio bus and big building , I swam in the sea and I did shopping in barcelona.

8 09 2013
Rim 4°4 (09:50:30) :

Hello mrs Calard

12) During the holidays I went to Algeria by boat. I went through Spain. I think there are a lot of mountains in Spain. The scenery was very beautiful especially to the sea.
Did you enjoy your vacation mrs Calard?

8 09 2013
Ms Calard (10:06:25) :

Yes, I loved it! Scotland is a beautiful country. There are a lot of lakes (lochs) and castles to visit. I was lucky because it was really sunny and warm!

8 09 2013
Maryam 4ème4 (14:46:16) :

Hello Mrs Calard,
12) During my summer holidays I went to Tunisia with my family by boat.I went through Italy.I stayed 2 months.
I visited many very beautiful cities and I visited my family.
I went to different beaches and I went to an amusement park with my cousins.
I love the holidays in Tunisia.

8 09 2013
ludivine (16:26:17) :

12. For my summer holiday, I went to Tunisia in the city of Sousse. In the old town I visited a museum of archeology. Every day, I swam in the mediterrenean sea and in the last week I saw a jellyfish. It’s a beautiful animal but a bit scary. At the end of evening, I went to port El Kantaoui where a lights and water show took place. I stayed three weeks and a half.

8 09 2013
Maxime (18:14:08) :

12. For my holidays I went to Germany. I visited the south of Germany in the museum and cities.

8 09 2013
Ahmet (23:24:42) :

I went to Turkey and I went to marseille . I went by plane in turkey and by cars in marseille I went with my family and I visited beautiful cities

9 09 2013
Antonio PEREIRA (19:32:50) :

hello Mrs Calard
I come back to this blog with great pleasure
I am Valentin’s father who is in 3°3
It is the first time you are the teacher of one of our children so it will be a pleasure to meet you on thursday.
good luck to everybody : the pupils and the teachers !!

9 09 2013
Ms Calard (21:14:42) :

Hello Mr Pereira,

I’m glad to see you again on the blog. Feel free to comment as often as you want to.
See you on Thursday then!

15 09 2013
Sébastien (ex 3*3) (21:10:28) :

Hello Mrs Calard !

I hope you’re fine. I went back to school few days ago and now I am in 2*K with my friends in Lycée Condorcet. I know that you’re my brother’s english teacher this year and I wish you’ll make him good in this subject like I was.

Good luck !

16 09 2013
Ms Calard (07:57:48) :

Hello Sébastien!

I am so happy to hear from you! I wish you all the best for this new school year.

Keep in touch,
Best regards,
Ms Calard.

16 09 2013
Léa 4°4 (18:03:02) :

During the holidays, I went to Valras (south of France)with my brother, my cousin and my grand mother.
I stayed out there two months.
I was in a camp site.
I had direct access to the sea.
There was a large pool.
I ate a lot of ice creams.
I went to Spain(at the Joncquera) for one day. I went shopping.
It was great. I am eager to be back next year for camping.

16 09 2013
Achille 5e3 (19:44:20) :

10) I prefer New York but I like London too. I would very much like to live there. It’s my greatest dream.
I LOVE Mrs Calard ! I will try to be a good student.

16 09 2013
Anis de 5e6 (20:01:49) :

2)I don’t like snow because it’s dangerous! 🙂

16 09 2013
Tahiry de 4°4 (21:25:33) :

2) I don’t like snow because it’s very cold and it’s dangerous !
But it’s funny too, we can play and throw some snow ball and build some snow man ^^

17 09 2013
Selim - 5°6 (14:57:55) :

6 -I like all sports and playing child’s scooter, especially free style.

17 09 2013
thomas.s 5 eme 3 (15:16:13) :

2 I like snow because I love skiing .
j adore londres un de mes reve est de aller a londres et j aimerai etre professeur d anglais
i love ms calard!!!!!!

18 09 2013
Dalia 5°3 (19:51:28) :

Hi miss Calard! Your blog is very cool. I like your program for this year.Especially a project with Americans pupils. My dream is go to the usa. You are very good teacher!!! See you soon!!!

18 09 2013
rana 5 eme 3 (20:41:13) :

Hello Mrs Calard my dream is go to New York i dream of going to new york .
j aime bien votre blog car on peut apprendre tout en jouant
i love mrs calard good night

30 09 2013
Antonio PEREIRA (20:58:24) :

Good evening Mrs Calard
When I was young (let’s say a few years ago…) I used to have some pen pals (I think it’s the good expression for « correspondant ») from either English spoken countries or from pupils who were learning English.
for instance, I had an Irish pen pal and a Japanese one.
Now I believe it’s no longer used ant I think it is a pity
what do you think and why not trying to have some pen pals for the pupils who are interested in ?

30 09 2013
Ms Calard (21:32:38) :

Good evening Mr Pereira,

Well, first thank you for your interest in languages!

To answer your question, I already have a project with penpals at school. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to organise and the only students involved this year are the 5°3.
They have American penpals, who are actually epals because we are corresponding through emails. You can learn more about it here: http://lewebpedagogique.com/whereisbryan/our-american-friends/
If you are interested in such exchanges for your children, you can also join epals.com and find an English-speaking friend for them.
I can help you if you need to.
Ms Calard.

3 10 2013
Fatiha ARIBI (Selim's mother - 5°6) (16:21:27) :

Hello Mrs CALARD and Mr PEREIRA,

It’s a very good idea, Mr PERREIRA and I’m also interested in this project. I really think that the best way to improve our English is to talk directly with English people.
I often compare our English level in France with the Northen European countries level… and unfortunately, we are far behind them !!!
What a pity ! English is spoken all over the world now and it’s sad to see that our students can’t manage themselves when they travel in other countries.

My son is also your pupil, so your informations are welcome, Mrs CALARD : )

3 10 2013
rana 5 e 3 (20:20:17) :

Hello Mrs Calard

I like your games very much! They are too well ;you
are the first teacher who does this and i love your

Good night

14 11 2013
julien de 4°3 (17:26:51) :

Hello Mrs Calard ,
How are you ?

15 11 2013
Ms Calard (10:36:12) :

Hi Julien,
I’m fine, thanks. How are you? Are you doing well in English this year?

13 01 2014
Yasmine 5eme3 (17:02:29) :

Hello Mme Calard
d) I prefere JUSTIN BIEBER because I love JUSTIN BIEBER !<3 <3 <3

13 01 2014
Yasmine 5eme3 (17:08:10) :

Hello Mme Calard
5) For breakfast I sometimes eat cereals, milk, and orange juice 🙂

13 01 2014
Nicolas 5°3 (17:27:06) :

Hello Mrs Calard

5) For breakfast I eat bread and butter, I drink hot chocolate and orange juice sometimes I drink water

13 01 2014
ludovic (18:26:25) :

5. for breakfast I eat cereals with milk and hot chocolate. sometimes I eat bread with jam.

13 01 2014
Farha de 5°3 (19:42:43) :

Hello Mrs Calard

5) For breakfast , I eat biscuits . Sometimes , I eat cereales . I drink milk with coffee and orange juice .

See you soon !!!!

13 01 2014
Nawel 5°3 (20:04:40) :

5) For breakfast I eat cereals, I drink orange juice, water and sometimes I eat bread and butter.

13 01 2014
Yassine (20:05:06) :

By Yassine 5°3

Hello everyone,

5. For breakfast, I usually have cereals.

13 01 2014
rana 5 e 3 (20:50:31) :

5) For breakfast I eat biscuits with milk .Sometimes , I eat the toast with butter . Sometimes , to go to the school , I don’t eat in the morning
I drink milk and orange juice .

17 01 2014
issam 5 3 (17:42:12) :

5. For breakfast I often take cereals and orange juice

14 03 2014
Arthemis (17:36:49) :

13)My parents want me to clean my room and do my homework. They want me not to play too much time on the computer .

10 04 2014
Yasmine 5eme 3 (20:38:45) :

Hello Mme Calard

14. At my home I usually lay the table

13 04 2014
Nans 5è3 (09:12:57) :

14) At home, I often lay the table. I usually get up late. I always make my bed. I help my parents.

13 04 2014
Yassine 5°3 (10:22:53) :


I usually make my bed, tidy my room and my desk

13 04 2014
Thomas S 5 3 (11:06:41) :

14. Every morning I make my bed.

13 04 2014
Farha 5°3 (11:21:39) :

Hello ,

14) At home,I sometimes make my bed,I rarely lay the table and I usually get up early .

13 04 2014
Nicolas 5°3 (11:45:43) :


I always make my bed , I sometimes lay the table.

13 04 2014
Dalia 5°3 (14:43:57) :

14. I always lay the table. I usually make my bed.

14 04 2014
chaima (17:59:03) :

10 I like London because London has a long and interesting history but I prefer new york because it is more modern than london and there are a lot of shops.

17 04 2014
Dorian 4ème4 (20:18:26) :

4) Hello. I prefer Maitre Gims because maitre Gims is more interesting in music than Rihanna.

19 04 2014
Ms Calard (17:38:22) :

Hi Dorian!

My son loves this singer too! He got the CD for his 10th birthday.

10 07 2014
Manon Gavin 4°4 (18:14:04) :

Bonjour mme Calard, je voulais vous remercier pour ces deux années que vous avez passé avec nous,car vous n’avez pas seulement été une « prof d’anglais » vous nous avez aussi appris que la confiance en soi est importante pour savoir bien travailler. Vous avez mis en places plusieurs méthodes pour arriver a ce but. C’est en regardant mon bulletin de chaque trimestre de cette année de 4ème que je me rends compte que vos méthodes et vos encouragements m’ont été très utiles et j’espère que vos prochaines classes pourront aussi en bénéficier.
Je vous souhaite de très bonnes vacances.


10 07 2014
Ms Calard (18:55:02) :

Bonjour Manon. Merci pour ce si gentil message qui me touche énormément. J’ai été également ravie de travailler avec toi ces 2 dernières années et de t’avoir vue évoluer de manière si positive. J’espère que tu conserveras cette bonne humeur et ce dynamisme qui te caractérisent. Je suis persuadée que tu as tous les atouts en main pour passer une excellente année de 3ème.

N’hésite pas à me donner de tes nouvelles l’année prochaine si tu as une autre prof d’anglais!

Je te souhaite d’excellentes vacances bien méritées!
A très bientôt,
Mme Calard.

18 09 2014
clerc 4°5 (20:36:26) :

Madam callard je ne trouve pas le jeu dont vous nous avez parlé pour traduire

18 09 2014
Ms Calard (20:57:04) :

De quel jeu parles-tu? Je ne vois pas ce que tu veux dire? On en reparle en classe si tu veux.

19 09 2014
clerc 4°5 (16:45:43) :

Le jeu de la femme qui répète le mot en anglais ou alors donner moi un autre site de traduction vocal SVP

19 09 2014
Ms Calard (17:15:27) :

OK. Alors ce n’est pas de la traduction mais de la prononciation. Il s’agit de Oddcast. Tu le trouveras sur la droite de mon blog, dans la partie « Prononciation ».
Have a nice week-end!

30 10 2014
achille (11:58:28) :

bonjour ms Calard je suis un de vos anciens élève mais j’ai déménagé et donc changé de collège j’éspère que vous avez de bonnes classes et merci pour vos cours c’était génial 😉

30 10 2014
Ms Calard (14:09:54) :

Bonjour Achille!

Ça me fait plaisir d’avoir de tes nouvelles! Est-ce que tout se passe bien dans ton nouveau collège, ta nouvelle classe? N’hésite pas à revenir sur mon blog quand tu veux!

2 03 2015
heddi (16:56:29) :

13. I make my bed, I do my homework and I clean my room. its all

4 03 2015
ludovic 4°4 (14:37:29) :

13) my parent want me to work.

4 03 2015
Maïlys 4°4 (17:37:38) :

13. My parents want me to clean my room, lay the table, do my homework, wash the dishes, make my bed, go outside …
But they want me not to spend my time on the internet/phone.

6 04 2015
heddi 4°4 (11:01:04) :

7 My best school memory is the small wall

8 04 2015
Ms Calard (17:25:27) :

What happened on this wall?

6 04 2015
ludovic 4°4 (13:52:28) :

7: my best memory at school is when we go back to school in September because I can see my best friend.

21 05 2015
ludovic (17:45:21) :


8) At home, I have to make my bed and do my homework.

8 09 2015
maximilien (17:52:55) :

1. No, I didn’t buy anything

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