Paris, November 13th.

15 12 2016

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16 11 2015
Saskya 3°E (20:05:08) :

Hello everyone,
I’d like to talk about my thoughts on the terrorists attacks in Paris a few days ago… To me, the terrorists are not human, they did something that is beyond horrible. I feel so very sorry about the victims families.To loose a close one in such circumstances is just terrible.This is a message to all: live life to the fullest because your life can be taken so fast … So smile,love and laugh.

18 11 2015
Josselin 3°E (12:48:44) :

Je trouve que ce qui s’est passer a paris ces derniers jours est vraiment affreux donc je rend hommage a toute les personne qui on perdu des proche. #PRAYFORPARIS.

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