London 2012 Olympic Games

21 07 2012


Here is an article to follow the 2012 summer games!


The official website

The schedule (events and dates)

Medal Count, medal winners




 London in NUMBERS






  • You can also watch the Inuit Olympics, very impressive! (Ear Pull Contest: Le but du jeu étant de réussir à décrocher la ficelle fixée sur l’oreille de son adversaire. C’est celui qui tire le plus fort qui remporte cette épreuve ! )


 Olympic History Interactive (usa today)

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The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

3 06 2012



  • Jubilee:
    a. A specially celebrated anniversary, especially a 50th anniversary.
    b. The celebration of such an anniversary.



Diamond Jubilee: Sixty years of memories (BBC)

Elizabeth II became Queen at the age of 25, and during her 60 years on the throne she has witnessed a period in modern history which has seen enormous social, political and technological change.

As part of the celebrations to mark her Diamond Jubilee – with the help of BBC audio archives – take a trip back in time to see how Her Majesty’s life, from sovereign duty to family moments, has been recorded in photographs.



  • Watch a short video (CBS news) about her life




The London Marathon

5 05 2012


London Marathon


Here is an article from the BBC :

London Marathon: Thousands take part in 32nd race

Here is a worksheet about this article.


Prince Harry’s interview for the BBC

Here is the oral comprehension worksheet