Gerard Philipe Middle School

12 03 2012


My name is Anelyse. I’m a school girl  at Gerard Philipe and Mrs Calard is my teacher. Let me introduce you the differences between an American school and  Gerard Philipe middle school.

At Gerard Philipe middle school,there is  a study hall, offices, a teachers lounge, a GYM, a cafeteria. There isn’t any school store.We have three floors and there isn’t any basement but at Green Valley Middle School (an exemple of my book) there are only two floors and  there is a basement.At the school store you can buy the baseball equipment, a tie, a giant gloves etc…

The Americans love baseball. There  are cheerleaders to encourage the baseball team . They have a big mascot it’s so funny!!! 🙂

Bye bye 😉


Anelyse, 5°6